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Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Great done better


Now, where do I begin?

Perhaps I should start with the moment I picked this smartphone up. The sudden rush of wonder that coursed through my body caught me by surprise. I had seen this handset before in photos and in videos but here, actually holding it in my hand, gave the smartphone an entirely new vibe, a vibe I didn’t expect.

It was almost like a concept phone. Something, at least in its current incarnation, would never make it to the production line because it was too intricate, too complex. It looked like something Samsung would make just to show off as a “technological achievement”.

Only it’s isn’t. It’s not some “for display purposes only” concept smartphone. This is the new Galaxy S8, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone that’s going on sale early next month. And that’s when the most ridiculous, uncontrollable smile spread across my face.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and everyone in between, the phone of tomorrow is finally here.