Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Great done better |

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Great done better

Posted:  April 18, 2017   By:    20 comments   


Now, where do I begin?

Perhaps I should start with the moment I picked this smartphone up. The sudden rush of wonder that coursed through my body caught me by surprise. I had seen this handset before in photos and in videos but here, actually holding it in my hand, gave the smartphone an entirely new vibe, a vibe I didn’t expect.

It was almost like a concept phone. Something, at least in its current incarnation, would never make it to the production line because it was too intricate, too complex. It looked like something Samsung would make just to show off as a “technological achievement”.

Only it’s isn’t. It’s not some “for display purposes only” concept smartphone. This is the new Galaxy S8, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone that’s going on sale early next month. And that’s when the most ridiculous, uncontrollable smile spread across my face.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and everyone in between, the phone of tomorrow is finally here.

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20 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Great done better


Too expensive and not convincing enough.


    agreed………………….and the most sucks issue is the battery can't even last a day.


    Yes, too expensive… but it is the market not for flagship. Iphone is not cheap either…
    Get Mi6 but it also not cheap anymore…


      Everyone is pushing the price down, so does computers and broadband pricing. Why are the phones pricing keep going out illogically and the value given is not far from the rest. Might as well take a Mi6!


      in a way when you mentioned iphone, yes iphone is always expensive. but it is not (quiet) a comparable situation because Samsung is paddling in the Android world. there are lots of choices if you choose Android. But if you want ios, there is no option but Apple. and when you have no option, it is not expensive.

same battery

a teardown by iFixit revealed that S8+ uses the exact battery as the "fired-out" Note 7!
Now Sammy says that its not the battery that's at fault.
its their software.
wtf r they saying now???
are u guys really going for the 8 version?
u go figure.


pls beware of one thing.
iFixit teardown reveals that the battery for the 8+ version is identical to the "fired-out" Note 7.
u go figure…..


    Hmm, where did you get this info? iFixit only states that it has the same capacity and design, not the same version or even model. Get your facts right before you type.


Just over 2 hours of SOT? This has rendered the phone useless from the get go…


how much does samsung pay u guys? i have no idea anyway as i have adblock on.


This phone cost almost a I7 notebook, is really mad pricing!!!


    I think the price for next iphone will be more than S8+ and can buy gaming i7 notebook too… 🙂


Battery capacity is so damn important nowadays that to me it can make or breake a phone useability. I just dont like people being apologetic with such sucky battery capability/capacity with argument like “it has fast charging bla-bla”, “u can reduce the screen resolution”, “turn off always on display”. Whats the point of having such great features but u have to turn it off or reduce the function most of the time? u are paying high price for the said capabilities..


A 'minor' samsung hater here. Reason :
– They invent the first galaxy note and cause the phone getting bigger and bigger every year since.
– They placed the back button at the right hand side causing their follower (xiaomi and lenovo) to follow.

But the S8, they had did a very great job. The price not expensive consider to the evolutionary technologies that they puts in. The fruit brand are expensive but not samsung.


Revolution phone cant wait to get 1
Future proof tech

davidletterboyz ·

So far most sites reported 4-5 hours of SOT. Only this site has 2 hours. Was it because the camera was used too frequently? Or other site did not turn on the QHD resolution (did you?).


For those complaining about pricing and comparing with laptop, I look at it this way, how much time you spend on your phone vs your lappy. I spend a lot of time on the mobile and thus would consider it well spent on a great device with great screen!


Actually I am more looking forward to the Note 8. I have always been a Note user since note 2.
Note 5 is still serving me well at the moment although it is coming to 2 years now. Had it since launch day 1.
I think I will sit this one out and see whether Samsung has got their act together after the Note 7 incident.
I hope Note 8 would give us 6GB RAM and better battery life


i went from s7e to Note8, & go then back again..

Made my mind if SME give nothing to previous note8 owners for/to purchase s8, no offers/special deals whatsover, i will skip it.
& having read a few review including yours, yeah i will deffo skip s8.

thanks for good review

Rijos Rony

I very like this smart phone.