Cameras compared: Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S8

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The Galaxy S8 is no doubt an improvement over the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. It gets a fresh new design that enables a large display to be fitted on a smaller form factor. When it comes to the main camera, many were somewhat disappointed that the main camera remains virtually the same. It gets a 12MP dual-pixel camera with the same f/1.7 aperture.

Although the Galaxy S8 has the same camera as the S7/S7 edge on paper, they had made some tweaks to improve image quality. To ensure that you’ll get the best shot in any situation, they have introduced multi-frame image processing. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S8 will take 3 shots when you hit the shutter button and it will pick the clearest image and it will use the other two shots to reduce blur. Combining the 3 images, this process also helps to capture more details, especially in low light situations. Despite taking 3 shots, the whole process is done so quickly that it feels just as quick as a regular Galaxy S7/S7 edge.

Meanwhile, the front camera gets a major upgrade which should be good news for those who take lots of selfies. From a 5MP f/1.7 shooter, Samsung has fitted an improved 8MP f/1.7 shooter that now comes with auto focus.

So is the Galaxy S8 any better than the S7/S7 edge when it comes to photography? Continue on to the next page.

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9 Comments for Cameras compared: Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S8


S8 pics are seriously good. I'm very impressed tbh


The question now is: Since it’s identical hardware but tweaked algorithms and software, can SAMSUNG technically push and OTA update to s7/S7 edge further down the line, so it performs the same?

    najip ali

    its not identical.The megapixel count is the same but the sensor is different .S7 uses sony IMX260 while the new S8 uses IMX333.


      sensor size spec really about the same imo

      IMX260 4032 x 3024 12.2 MP7.06 mm (~1/2.5") 1.4 μm
      IMX333 4032 x 3024 12.2 MP(1/2.55") 1.4µm

      both dual pixel

        najip ali

        yes but we don't know about other improvement made for the sensor ,otherwise why wouldn't they use the same exact sensor as last year


I noticed S8 is better in scene 7, the red around McDonald’s is less saturated and window panels above McDonald’s are brighter..

In scene 8, the while image is less yellowish compared to S7..

What difference do you notice in other images?


To the untrained eyes, the picture quality is hard to tell apart.


Different hardware.

Having same megapixel doesnt mean its the same hardware. Why would you use last year's hardware on the most important product of 2017? (After note 7)


black level on low light shot of S8 is amazing

and also, very less purple hue on Auto, on S8

damn i thought s7e already a god cameraphone