Sony Xperia XZs review: How to make a new phone feel old

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Every once in awhile, a phone or gadget or device will come along that will completely rewrite the rulebook. You probably remember a lot of them from the game-changing likes of Apple’s original iPhone to the big revolution of Samsung’s first Galaxy Note.

The Sony Xperia XZs, though, isn’t one of them.

Are you actually surprised? I definitely am not surprised. Back when Sony revealed this phone during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with them about their future as a mobile business.

The gist of it? Well, things aren’t looking particularly great for them, especially not when you look at their sales numbers. Right now, they told me, Sony Mobile is focused on being profitable — something they haven’t been for a while now before the Xperia X series.

And all of that could not be more evident when you look at Sony’s first 2017 flagship to land in Malaysia. The untrained eye will easily mistake this phone for last year’s XZ. Today, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t just look like a 2016 phone, it pretty much is a 2016 phone.

Well, except for one special feature, it’s hidden technique, if you must.. But, if you spend any time with it at all, you will come to realise that its special feature is pretty much just a huge gimmick.

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17 Comments for Sony Xperia XZs review: How to make a new phone feel old


Hey you’re just a hater, from the beginning to an end you’ve put negative review on Xzs. This is just an upgrade from an Xperia xz, it doesn’t mean there should a huge change in design and there’s no need for that for those who loved xz . Just like iPhone 6 and 6s there wasn’t any much of a difference in appearance. You’re just talking nonsense. I love the Xzs, and I do have an Xz, and surely I’ll buy Xzs then xz premium. I’ve seen other reviewers on Xzs and they are positive. On price matter in China it’s cheap and very affordable especially the hongkong version. So stop ruining Sony Xzs, it is superior in camera better than any latest flagship including S8 and G6 and performance


    You own a XZ and going to buy XZs and then XZ Premium. Sony will thank you for keeping their business afloat.

    First time in a long time I see someone describing Xperia as cheap and very affordable. Keep up the good work.


    Sorry but the comparison with iPhone is unfair. People WILL buy the new iPhone regardless of what improvement it brings. Heck they could even release an iPhone 6z which is exactly the same as 6s but more expensive and I am willing to bet people will still buy it in droves (as long as there is new colour XD).
    I really love Sony but the problem now is they have to standout from the crowd. Even Samsung with its market dominance realized their complacency and started improving their phones (e.g. Galaxy S*8.
    Sony XZs might be good phone, but a few more generations of "small improvements" like this and we will be saying goodbye to Sony mobile division. 🙁


    XZ RM2699
    XZS RM2899
    XZ Premium RM3399?

    Waaaaahh you spend almost 9K on Sony phones in one year? You must be special. Can buy two iPhone 7 Plus 256GB.

Johns Bread

Pisses me off is the exact feeling I have regarding Sony Xperia. I actually like this design and don’t really mind the top/bottom bezel. But RM2899 for this is just daylight robbery. Biggest problem with the Xperias for the past decade has been the camera. They have stubbornly stuck with the exact same camera and all its problems and wonder why their phones are not selling. Fuc”&@/ idiots! Great optics, lousy image processing, garbage camera ui, and that stupid overheating warning when recording videos. Nobody else has this problem. This overheating bullshit has almost become a feature in all their phones. Get the damn camera right and I’ll buy Sony again. Till then they can just kiss my behind


RIP Sony. You have fallen behind HTC, Huawei and Oneplus.


Sony competing with HTC to win the throne.. for last place ma…


Altho I myself think Sonys these days are full of hype, I have to comment particularly on your method of testing that 960fps slow mo feature. IMHO, you stressing out too much. 960fps requires ~1/1000sec shutter, and with that smallish light of yours, that poor camera need to jack up considerably to very high ISO. The flicker at the background I guess was because of 50Hz of lights in your office. And from that we can estimate the general exposure of f/2,1/50,ISO200 (positive estimate)? that means if you want to push it to 1/800 (not even enough for 960fps), you need ISO3200, right? it's only a tiny sensor camera anyway

    Rory Lee

    Yeah, it was a low-light test.

Mr Potato

There's no point Sony throwing in things like 960fps capture and DSEE HX audio upsampler to the masses that complains the smart tunnel is not smart when closed during heavy rains. The 1% that appreciates those features are probably going to buy the RM6000 cameras and RM10000 digital to analog converters anyway. This is the fruit -worshipper crowd, just give them the fruit.


    ditto! I am one of the 1% out there lol.


Sony is just like Nokia.
refuses to up their game.
even their successful Vaio line has gone BUST!
good for their terrer slo-mo.
unfortunately the whole phone sucks in terms of design, functions and price!
for the very first time i think our RORY is not a hater
he's for the first time talking "cold hard facts" which Sony lovers can't tahan.


    And the sad things is they used to be so innovative. Early adopter of on screen nav keys, coming out with water proof flagships, glass back etc. A lot of enthusiasts still rate their Compact models highly.
    Z series was a good revival but then things started slowing down.


Features : not bad (wasn't sd 820 a last year's flagship?)
Price : not bad (U can't even get a phone 7 32gb with rm2899)
Camera: maybe the best but u need to know how to configure the mode.
Why people still buy it?? : Because they like the brand SONY and the xperia UI.
Will I buy this if i got budget 3k??: No i will pinjam 299 bucks from my mum to buy the s8 or just buy last year's P9 and keep the remaining 1.5k in bank.

Daniel Teoh

i think Sony today just emphasis on Cost Cutting rather than Consumer Oriented. i used Xperia Z3 2 years ago, it looks identical with today latest model, what they did was to put some new hardwares into the same design phone. besides that, they are slow or just simply ignore if there are certain complaints that they find it a bit difficult to settle. I did complaint to Sony directly abt the supper low volumn speaker issues after updated to lollipop for my Z3 and GUESS WHAT……. they dont EVEN bother to answer me at all…….


Heck they are even willing to shell out way more just to get the red version which does not bring any improvement at all


    Do your research before you trash talk. Apple sell all colours including jet-black and red at the same price but minimum is 128GB version.