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Celcom makes it easy to share your postpaid data with GBshare

Celcom offers one of the biggest data quotas with its FIRST Postpaid plans. If you’re struggling to finish all that data on a single device, Celcom is now making it easier for you to share that data with its new GBshare Supplementary lines.

Applicable for Celcom FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) and FIRST Platinum (RM150/month) subscribers, Celcom GBshare costs RM48/month for each supplementary line. What you’ll get is unlimited calls, unlimited WhatsApp/WeChat plus 2GB additional data that’s added to your existing postpaid data quota. Meanwhile, SMS are charged at 20sen each.

For example, if you take up FIRST Gold Plus which comes with 40GB of data, two GBShare lines will give you a total of 44GB of data (40GB + 2GB + 2GB) which can be shared across 3 users. You can also control the allocation of data for each user using the MyCelcom Postpaid app.

So with 3 lines of 44GB to share, that calculates to RM64.60/month per month for each family member to enjoy unlimited calls and an average of 14.6GB data per user.

In a more stretched scenario, a FIRST Platinum subscriber can add 5 GBshare lines for a combined 70GB data per month. With a total cost of RM390/month, each line calculates to RM65/month with 11.6GB each.

GBshare does look similar to MaxisONE Share and overall it’s a huge improvement over its former FIRST 1+5 Supplementary offering.

The only downside is that Celcom requires you to take a minimum of 2 GBshare lines so you can’t just add-on a single GBshare line with your current FIRST Gold Plus and Platinum postpaid plan. There’s also a limit of 2 GBshare lines on FIRST Gold Plus and 5 GBshare lines on FIRST Platinum. Another benefit for GBshare is that Celcom will automatically combine both weekday and weekend data for greater simplicity.

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For more info, visit Celcom’s GBshare page.

Alexander Wong