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Webemobile introduces monthly tethering add-ons. Free 1GB hotspot tethering for 3 months

Posted:  April 12, 2017   By:    18 comments   

TM’s webe is the only telco that offers a single postpaid plan that comes with unlimited calls, sms and data for RM79/month. The biggest limitation, of course, is its tethering hotspot feature. Unlike other telcos that let their subscribers tether for free, webe charges you each time you need to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot.

Probably after getting enough feedback and a nudge from its competitor, webe has finally revised its WiFi hotpsot/tethering offering. On top of that, they are also throwing free hotspot data for the next few months.

The RM6 for 2 hour pass is still there but now webe has introduced a monthly RM8 pass option that offers 500MB of WiFi hotspot data that’s valid for 30 days. On top of that, you can also carry forward unused quota to the following month if you purchase another monthly pass before its expiry. So if you have 300MB of unused quota, you’ll get 800MB on your next month. You can continue to rollover your quota for up to a maximum of 90 days.

The new monthly based pass is better for casual users that require using their hotspot for a longer period of time. Of course, if you need a more data in a short period, the hourly pass of RM6 for 2 hours would be a better choice as you’re not limited to any quota constraints. You can subscribe both pass simultaneously and webe will utilise your hourly pass first before it taps onto your monthly pass.

As a limited-time promo, new and existing webemobile customers can enjoy 1GB of free hotspot data for 3 months. This is a 3-month campaign that runs between 12 April until 12 July 2017. According to the FAQ, the 1GB quota can’t be rolled over to the following month but you’ll get a fresh 1GB quota on the next billing cycle. You can track your usage on webe’s selfcare portal or via the self care app.

For more info, visit webe mobile’s add-on page.

What do you think of this new mobile WiFi pass? Let us know in the comments below.

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18 Comments for Webemobile introduces monthly tethering add-ons. Free 1GB hotspot tethering for 3 months


What is real speed offer?


Maxis Hotlink 2GB optional daily pass only costs RM1. Else, you can just claim the free 1GB with 1 hour usage for FREE.

How's that for comparison? Performance and speed wise no brainer.


wow thumb up for FREE 1GB :))


    For just another RM1 you get 2 hours and additional 1GB more. The speed? Easily 10X more than WeeWee.

    Pay RM6 still need to endure turtle speed, what's the use? End up sitting in front of computer longer waiting for your files to finish.So don't think RM6 gets you unlimited quota tethering means good, you end up wasting more time which is more precious.


      no care we have unlimited, if want to download i just use my phone, the tethering is option for visit banking site on laptop that is far more than enough for me.

      speed so far ok at my house and office, so no problem for me.


How's the coverage like? they are backed by Celcom 3G right so they should have coverage everywhere. Is 3G good enough for youtubing without buffering? My house is unfortunately only covered by their 3G network, no 4G.


    Axiata Celcom and Webe does not see eye to eye even when they're under the same parent company because they need to keep their own book results black. That being said, it is necessary for Celcom to throttle Webe's 3G connections to ensure that their own QoS is ensured.

    If you've no choice but to ride on Celcom's 3G network please be prepared for a slow ride. Paying RM6 for tethering would not even get you 2GB with speeds similar to Streamyx 1M lines.


      Webe and Celcom are not under the same company. Axiata is a separate legal entity not in any way affiliated with Telekom Malaysia.


        Both telekom and axiata owned by khazanah.


      Thanks man.


SC, are you sure the RM8.48 and RM6.36 are BEFORE GST prices as shown in table ?


    That was from webe's FAQ page. Those figures should be inclusive of GST as it is RM8 for monthly pass and RM6 for 2 hour pass before GST.


Then it should be labelled (incld. GST) instead of (before GST).


The biggest limitation beside tethering hotspot feature is its coverage. The data speed is so so.
Getting enough feedback with this offer? Perhaps the revenuawill tell and force than to be more sincere..to give at least 2G or 3G per month for near future

Rafik Hussain

WEBE biggest threat is their extremely limited 4G coverage. Sooner or later once their customer lost patience they will huge customer exodus to other telcos.


Webe 4G is only 2mbps at max. Connection is not stable as well


Speed is an issue still. Even with unlimited data also you’ll end up wasting more time due to the slow n unstable connection, both 3g&4g. Sad…


When on H+, sometimes it does get throttled down to 3-5 mbps. But there are times where it can get up to 10mbps. I'm confused as well. I guess Celcom put webe users on lower priority. If the line is not congested, speed can go higher. They put their customer first. Which is alright for me. On LTE, it's just worth the money. Though i did considered switching to Digi Infinite lol but nt yet, want to see how umobile gonna play this first.