Compared: Samsung Galaxy S8 Telco Plans in Malaysia

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The Galaxy S8/S8+ are now available for pre-order through our local telcos in Malaysia. To sweeten the deal, they are also bundling over RM900 worth of freebies as announced by Samsung Malaysia.

So which telco offers the better deal? We’ve compared the plans from Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and Yes, so head after the break to find out which contract plan is suitable for you.

Across the board, all 5 telcos are offering the Galaxy S8/S8+ with 2-3 plan options that are tied with a 24-month contract duration. While comparing, it is best to look at the monthly plans first before considering the device pricing itself. Telcos will offer a lower Galaxy S8 price on their higher commitment plans but we recommend getting a plan that fulfils your actual need. It’s a waste to pay more for something you can’t finish each month and it accumulates over 2 years. You can probably get a better picture of your usage by looking at your recent postpaid bills.

Below is our full comparison which include the postpaid bundles, subscription fees and device price. You can click on each table for clearer viewing. The table also includes the minimum total cost of ownership (inclusive of 6% GST) which is calculated based on 24-months subscription along with the subsidised Galaxy S8/S8+ price. Note that your actual cost of ownership would be higher as you incur additional charges such as calls to special numbers, IDD usage, roaming and etc.

Galaxy S8 Telco Comparison

Galaxy S8+ Telco Comparison

Not shown on the tables above are U Mobile’s extra Video-Onz, Music-Onz, and App-Onz offering. On U Mobile’s Ultimate Device Plan 130, you’ll get unlimited video (Video-Onz) and music streaming (Music-Onz) plus unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (App-Onz). Both Ultimate Device Plan 60 and 90 plans are entitled to unlimited Music-Onz and App-Onz too but they get 3GB and 5GB respectively for Video-Onz.

On Maxis, they are the only telco that offers the Galaxy S8/S8+ with RM0 upfront along with 24-month 0% interest instalments on Zerolution. The advantage of this program is the ability to swap phones hassle free every year but you’ll need to fork out more money every month for its upgrade option. If you don’t intend to swap phones, you are better off with the standard contract plans as Zerolution turns out to be the most expensive in the long run.

During sign up, all 5 telcos would require some form of advance payment which will be rebated back to offset your next bills. For Digi and Yes, both telcos would need you to pay an additional 1-month subscription fee in advance. If you’re an existing customer for more than a year with good payment history, both Maxis and Digi will be able to waive your advance payment.

Things to note

Apart from pricing, another factor to consider is coverage as not all telcos will perform the same. The coverage of each telco varies greatly so one could work better than another depending on your area. If you’re happy with your current telco, you might want to consider sticking to them since it works well for you most of the time. Among the 5 telcos, Celcom, Digi and Maxis are more established with its wider 4G coverage backed by their own 3G/2G networks.

For U Mobile, 4G coverage is still quite limited nationwide but they do rely on domestic roaming with Maxis where coverage is not available. On Yes 4G, coverage would be a greater challenge as it operates purely on their 4G LTE network with no backup 3G/2G providers on domestic roaming. According to Yes 4G LTE’s coverage map, it would probably work well with urban folks in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah but currently, they don’t have 4G coverage for Sarawak.

To gauge which telco is better in your area, you can refer to a recent report by MCMC or refer to 3rd party sources like OpenSignal and YouTube Video Checkup. Since you’re going to be stuck with a telco for 24-months, you better pick one that works really well.

If you have decided to pre-order, your last chance to do so is on 13 April 2017. The Galaxy S8/S8+ will be officially available in Malaysia on 5 May 2017 and pre-order customers can get it a day earlier. For Malaysia, we are getting just 3 colour options – Midnight Black, Maple Gold and Orchid Grey.

For those who don’t wish to be locked down with contracts, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ can be purchased outright at RM3,299 and RM3,699 respectively. Apart from Samsung Malaysia, you can also pre-order from SenHeng, 11street, Lazada, Courts and Harvey Norman. Shopback is also offering RM100 cash back when you purchase the Galaxy S8/S8+ from Lazada Malaysia via their link.

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23 Comments for Compared: Samsung Galaxy S8 Telco Plans in Malaysia


Thanks SC


Celcom appears to the best plan. They give the more data than other telco.


    “best” is subjective and vary from people to people. if you need more data…perhaps..
    for someone that doesn’t use as much data probably they have wifi source most of the time, or someone that just look for the cheapest in terms of money value, other options are more attractive.
    I once sign up for Umobile solely because of their data backpack, where I can roam for free.


      If don’t use much data better don’t buy contract.

      Get S8 from Lazada with shopback: RM3199

      Xpax RM30 (5GB and 10GB FB) x 24 months: RM600
      Total cost RM3799 for two years. No contract can bail out if network becomes bad.


        Sorry, RM30x24 is RM720. Total cost RM3919.


        well done bro, another good perspective for us to consider.


this is a much more professional work than just broadly saying Maxis is cheaper than Digi like you did yesterday.

next time do compile it sooner.
releasing it at the end of the second day in a 3 day preorder event is slow by my book. stock could have run out by then.


    We did not "broadly" say Maxis is cheaper than Digi. You're twisting the truth and misleading yourself again. We specifically say that Digi plans are expensive. They are definitely more expensive than their normal non-contract plans and it's also more expensive than Maxis. Here's a refresher:

    Digi Postpaid 108 (RM108) – 18GB data vs Digi Postpaid 80 (RM80) – 20GB
    Digi Postpaid 108 (RM108) – 18GB data vs MaxisONE 98 (RM98) – 20GB data
    Digi Postpaid 138 (RM138) – 24GB data vs Digi Postpaid 110 (RM110) – 25GB + unlimited for weekends.
    Digi Postpaid 138 (RM138) – 24GB data vs MaxisONE 128 (RM128) – 30GB data

    Yes, we definitely want to release the comparison earlier but all the plans are only revealed on the pre-order day itself. We need time to compile the necessary details to ensure that this comparison is as accurate as possible. Previously most telcos would reveal their pricing in advance especially to those who have registered their interest.


      so if this speed of publishing is upto soya standard, then is fine by me.


      Don't worry~! support your post always.
      Keep up the good works! Appreciated!

      I've decided to purchase S8+ Orchid Gray instead of tight with the contract.
      Thought of using my lover's Digi account to get the phone instead but her current plan is way better!
      20GBweekdays +unlimited weekend for less than RM100 without contract!

      So it's not worth to switch it to new plan wif 24months contract!


    Why the hate? You could've just read and walk it off and keep your thoughts to yourself, why hang your dirty laundry out and get burnt in return?


      what do you mean hang dirty laundry?
      my criticisms is constructive too.
      my opinion is that to compile such a piece takes 3 hours max. and if soya is smart, they could pre compile already because all the plans are existing plans.. is only the device price that’s different. we are not seeing anything out of the blue are we?
      you do agree that publishing it at the end of the second day for a 3 day event is a little slow? regardless of all the excuses soya is making,
      this is one of the most anticipated launch of the year for goodness sake, it should be out by day 1.


        This copycat behaves like the world owes him everything. Probably having inferior complex and he compensates by running people down. If you think you can do better, why you join soya or create your own site.


        Since you are so clever in complaining why not you do your own table faster than anyone else. It is easy to be an armchair critic. Empty Milo tin always makes the loudest noise.


        Lul I don't know which post I should be replying but nonetheless I'm PERSONALLY thinking that you are trying to state your facts and makes every other readers accept that WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ARE THE STANDARD BENCHMARK in publishing.

        Let me quote you back:

        1. "next time do compile it sooner." – Who are you to deem that this is not soon enough, and to SC's credit, they have been good enough to provide such comparisons, you should be thankful that this was out for reference no matter if it is too late. Sides, even if the comparison is out on day 1, would it affect you that much for you to jump between telcos? IF YES, I'd rest my case and I envy you for having such liberty to jump between telcos for quote "most anticipated launch of the year". Bar none I would only dare to speak for myself, it's only Q2 2017, how would you predict that there are no other exciting announcements by other manufacturers?

        2. "releasing it at the end of the second day in a 3 day preorder event is slow by my book. stock could have run out by then." – Slow by your book? No offense buddy, I PERSONALLY think that you should not impose your own standards / books / blablabla and tell everyone that it's slow, again you are bantering on post being late (READ, 2nd of a 3 Day Pre-order Event).

        3. "my opinion is that to compile such a piece takes 3 hours max. and if soya is smart, they could pre compile already because all the plans are existing plans.. is only the device price that's different. we are not seeing anything out of the blue are we?
        you do agree that publishing it at the end of the second day for a 3 day event is a little slow? regardless of all the excuses soya is making, ".

        Your opinions again, so let me tell you MY OPINION instead, they are working their best to provide these contents the soonest possible. Sides, who are you to deem if SC are smart or otherwise not?

        And please do not put words onto my court by saying if I agree that publishing this is slow, I DID NOT QUOTE THAT. Unless the plans are unveiled or provided, do you not think that SC would've shared it already, rather than being scrutinized by you o'Highness?

        READ MY WORDS, you are being unappreciative and you take pride on shutting SC down from what I see, they can't say these things on your face, but I think being a reader here, I can instead write what I personally think about you and your so-called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

        You should probably read more about it since you are adapting such methods.

        READ – Constructive criticism starts by stating the strengths, then AOD and what could've been done better and lastly ending it on a high note again (see the meaning of Construct?).


        You should open a tech blog and teach SC how it’s done.


      oh one more thing, why should I keep my thoughts to my self?. I am not being personal here. this section of the comment is exactly for us to voice out thoughts?
      only praises are allowed in this section?


        You must be a fat single man in his 40s with Aspergers ,abused in your childhood , now without friends , always watching prawn and trying to connect with real humans in comment sections and forums.


          Hey! Don't insult me!


    I have more respect towards people that does actual work than a sore complainer.


F u guys cunts