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Digi lets you pre-order the Galaxy S8/S8+ on contract

Posted:  April 11, 2017   By:    17 comments   

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is also available for pre-order through Digi. Similar to other pre-order promotion, you also get the same amount of freebies that are worth RM916.

The pre-order promo runs from 11th April until 13th April 2017 with stocks expected to be delivered to you beginning 4th May 2017. You get a choice of 3 different postpaid plans with a contract tenure of 24-months across the board.

When you look into their postpaid plans (Postpaid 78, Postpaid 108, Postpaid 138) for device contract, they are not as compelling as their on-going postpaid plans such as Digi Postpaid 80, Postpaid 110 or their latest Postpaid 150 Infinite. This is a similar situation with U Mobile’s Ultimate Device Plan.

The entry-level Postpaid 78 (RM78/month) plan gives you 12GB of data (6GB all-day + 6GB weekend), unlimited calls and 200 SMS while its Postpaid 108 comes with 18GB of data (9GB all-day + 9GB weekend), unlimited calls and 400 SMS. It’s highest Postpaid 138 (RM138/month) option includes 24GB of data (12GB all-day + 12GB weekend) with unlimited calls and SMS.

It interesting to point out that these plans are even more expensive than Maxis which is often regarded as the most expensive in town. As a comparison, MaxisONE 98 (RM98/month) comes with 20GB of data (10GB all-day + 10GB data weekend) while MaxisONE 128 (RM128/month) comes with 30GB of data (15GB all-day + 15GB weekend). Both MaxisONE plans also come with unlimited calls and SMS.

The bundled Galaxy S8/S8+ pricing on Digi are as follows (excluding 6% GST):

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8+

During sign up, Digi also requires an additional upfront payment of RM360 (Postpaid 78), RM640 (Postpaid 108) or RM920 (Postpaid 138) which will be used to offset your future bills. If you don’t want to pay cash upfront, Digi is also offering 0% interest easy payment plans for both device and upfront payment via credit card in 24 months instalments.

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For more info, head on over to Digi’s Galaxy S8 page.

UPDATE: Which Malaysian telco has the better Galaxy S8 deal? Check out our Galaxy S8 telco plan comparison.

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17 Comments for Digi lets you pre-order the Galaxy S8/S8+ on contract


Already paid for the pre-order this morning . Sticked with digi because of its coverage


I think is very unprofessional for Soya to mention that digi plans are more expensive than Maxis. They are not apple to apple comparison and not every user consumption pattern is the same.

How’s Digi RM78 more expensive than the cheapest Maxis RM128 for the S8 deal? at least digi is giving a lower monthly commitment option. it might suit someone who doesn’t really need that much data. why pay for something u will not use?


    Maxis has always been considered the most expensive among our local telcos. Why can't we compare plans of the same price range?

    Digi Postpaid 108 (RM108) – 18GB data vs MaxisONE 98 (RM98) – 20GB data
    Digi Postpaid 138 (RM138) – 24GB data vs MaxisONE 128 (RM128) – 30GB data

    Our point is that they are offering contract postpaid plans with lower value compared to their popular plans such as:
    Digi Postpaid 80 (RM80) – 20GB
    Digi Postpaid 110 (RM110) – 25GB + unlimited for weekends.


      we are on a topic of a S8 preorder still?
      and you do realise that there is no RM98 plan from maxis for the preorder?

      why are you comparing a digi 108 which is a s8 phone plan to the maxis 98 which is not even offer for the S8? people are trying to get the best deal for the s8 preorder and you go confuse the matter.

      I get your point of digi is charging a more expensive plan than their non contract plan. I mentioned that myself before. but this is a digi to digi comparison, not a digi to maxis comparison.

      in monetary terms, rm78 plan which is offered by digi for the s8 is clearly a cheaper plan than what maxis has to offer.


        This is strictly on the plan itself. You've already acknowledged that Digi is already charging more on their contractual postpaid plans than their non-contract plan. Our point is that these contract plans have less value (GB for your money) even when you compare it with the most expensive postpaid plan in the market. If you look at Maxis and Celcom, both telcos are offering the same plans whether you're on a device contract or not.


          To the soyacincau admin, if you cannot hold your temper then please GET LOST


Samsung s8 now one


Huh how is it more expensive than Maxis? As an example, An S8+ is RM2768 on Digi at RM78 a month, but RM2699 on Maxis at RM128 a month. Therefore Total Cost of Ownership on Digi is RM4640 over 24 months vs Maxis at RM5771.

That's 1k or nearly 20% cheaper. I would suggest more in depth analysis before drawing conclusions SoyaCincau, you are misleading readers.

If you are unable to calculate, I am happy to provide you my Excel worksheet which I used to calculate the above, leave me a comment.


    You're clearly missing the point. If you read the post in full, this is referring to plan NOT total cost of ownership. There's a big difference between the two. As mentioned in the post, Digi has better value for money plans such as Postpaid 80 and Postpaid 110 but they are giving more expensive plans with lower data on contract. It's even more apparent that these "contract" plans cost more than Maxis, which is often regarded as the most expensive postpaid plan among the big 4 telcos.

    RM108 – Digi Postpaid 108 – 18GB (9GB + 9GB) data
    RM138 – Digi Postpaid 138 – 24GB (12GB + 12GB) data
    RM80 – Digi Postpaid 80 – 20GB (10GB + 10GB) data
    RM110 – Digi Postpaid 110 – 25GB + unlimited data for weekends.
    RM150 – Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite – unlimited data

    Yes, you could get a cheaper phone than Maxis but other Digi customers are getting more data for RM28 less per month. This is the same situation as U Mobile with its Ultimate Device plan vs HERO postpaid.


      I think the phrasing you used was incorrect, thus, your point was lost. Whether or not I feel that your point was correct, is as follows.

      'Expensive' is a purely monetary expression, i.e. RM98 is ALWAYS more expensive than RM78, whether or not what you get is objectively or subjectively more value.

      The point you seem to be trying to make in your follow up post is value driven, i.e. what you get for RM80 off contract is more value than what you get for RM78 on contract.

      Well of course, what did you expect? Digi is subsidizing nearly RM1000 for the device, something has to give. Whether or not what you give up (8GB data) is worth it, is up to the user.

      Now, and here's the thing, YOU DID NOT IN ANY WAY CLARIFY THIS. You merely stated ' S8 Plans on Telco D are more expensive than Telco M'. Which is objectively untrue. Thus I stand by my conclusion, you mislead (and are continuing to mislead) your readers.

      I do note however, that your newest comparison is up, that's a much better piece IMO, which clearly shows that Digi S8 plans have the lowest TCO of any major Telco.


        “You merely stated ‘ S8 Plans on Telco D are more expensive than Telco M’.”

        Correction and to be clear, we stated that S8 Plans on Digi are more expensive than the usual Digi Plans. And it’s also more expensive compared to the most expensive plans like Maxis.

        Again, we are referring to plan which is how much you get with your plan for the amount you pay per month. Let’s not divert to total cost of ownership as we have been clearly talking about plans alone.

        Good that you pointed out the definition of expensive. i.e. RM98 is ALWAYS more expensive than RM78.

        Paying RM138 (Postpaid 138) for 12GB+12GB data is more expensive than RM110 (Postpaid 110) for 25GB+ unlimited weekend. And RM138 for 12GB+12GB is also definitely more expensive than paying RM128 (MaxisONE128) for 15GB+15GB.

        “Digi is subsidizing nearly RM1000 for the device, something has to give. Whether or not what you give up (8GB data) is worth it, is up to the user.”

        Digi used to offer the same plans as non contracted users. Why do they have to give plans with glaring compromises to consumers on contract? Does it provide more value for consumers or just allow themselves to advertise a lower device price? So, who is misleading here?


          DG is the champion for misleading. Someone also please give them a lesson on what unlimited means. 1000 minutes or 10GB does not mean unlimited. Government or someone should stop a them from false advertising. They hide this under the tnc or sometimes they won’t mention at all until you call their customer service. Admin right to say DG plans more expensive than maxis. Cut plan so that can discount phone cheaper. Then DG can cut some more from plan until phone becomes free. Never trust DG offer.


Soya Cincau, please do a separate article to compare all the plans offered by the Telco from all angles.


    That's coming right up. Stay tuned.


After I done all the calculation… I decided to buy the phone with Samsung instead of signing a 2 years contract with Digi.

Ok, let me start with a simple calculation from Digi RM78 phone bundle Plan. Which provide unlimited calls + free 200 sms + 12GB Internet Quota.

RM78 x 24 months = RM1872
Device with RM78 plan = RM2768
Total = RM4640

opps… the GST on the monthly bill and for the DEVICE as well = 4640 X 6% = RM278.40
Grand Total = RM4640 + RM278.40 = 4918.40

Next… I go for the calculation for Digi RM50 none contract plan. Which also provide unlimited calls but did not mentioned any free sms + 10GB Internet Quota. (3GB for general and 7GB for Youtube and Facebook).

RM50 x 24 months = RM1200
RM1200 x 6% = RM72
Device from Samsung = RM3699 (Inclusive of GST)
Grand Total = RM1200 + RM72 + RM3699 = RM4971

The difference? RM4971 – RM4918.40 = only RM52.60

RM52,60 is a small price for your freedom to switch to any other telco or any other cheaper plan whenever there is a chance.


    Buying the phone directly and going for non contract plans are always the smarter choice.

    I know ppl who always change HP every 2-years to Flag Ship cos their company pay for the monthly bills. This is when its good to buy such phones on contract.

    MY contracts for such HP are generally for ppl who do not know how to really calculate the total cost of ownership or don't really care.


    Digi RM50 non-contract plan only has 100 free minutes, so your comparison is not apples to apples.
    To get a plan with full unlimited calls, you have to get a DG Postpaid 80.

    Thus the difference for your freedom is actually [(RM30x24)x1.06]+RM52.60, = RM815.80.
    Which is nearly 20% of the TCO, whether or not that is worth it is of cos up to the individual user.