MyCelcom Postpaid App now available for iOS users

Posted:  April 5, 2017   By:    6 comments   

If you’re a Celcom postpaid customer using an iPhone, the official MyCelcom app is finally here. Last month, the blue telco had released its Android version for the general public and now it’s also available on the iOS.

With the myCelcom Postpaid app, you can view your current account status and make payments for your outstanding bill. You are also able to track your current call, SMS and data usage plus you can also buy add-ons for your current plan. Overall, this makes it easier to manage your account without the need of dialling messy USSD codes on your phone’s dialer.

To download, head over to the AppStore. If you’re using Android, you can download your version on the Google PlayStore.


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6 Comments for MyCelcom Postpaid App now available for iOS users


Finally. Thanks Celcom!


What age now.. 2017 only have own apps..


    Learn to Appreciate…duh


Unable to find in iOS AppStore

    Capt OBV

    The writer of this post should include the name of the app and link to download the app on the AppStore. The very least is to guide people how to search for “Celcom”. Last paragraph would be ideal to include such important information. Then nobody will ask such a basic question.


      Just up :). it is in the AppStore now.