Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the world’s first phone with Bluetooth 5.0

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a milestone for smartphones. It has an unbelievable screen, incredible specs and a body to die for. But those are just the headlining features. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that this phone has yet another first.

Bluetooth 5.0.

Those of you who watched MKBHD’s first impressions video would probably have noticed it, but it hasn’t seen that much coverage so far. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is indeed the first phone ever to feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Bluetooth on most outgoing phones currently are Bluetooth 4.2, a standard that was first announced about three years ago. With Bluetooth 5.0, things have been improved significantly. First up, this new standard is twice as fast as its predecessor with about four times the range. It’s also more robust, allowing Bluetooth 5.0 devices — like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ — to push audio to two separate wireless headphones at the same time, for example.

Although it gets a significant boost in speed, transfer speeds are still not going to be as fast as WiFi direct, so you’d be better of sharing files with WiFi direct instead.

Still, this is an interesting piece tech that, thanks to the incredible amout of awesome things on the Galaxy S8, actually got buried and removed from the headlines.


Photos shot on Sony RX100 V

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15 Comments for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the world’s first phone with Bluetooth 5.0


No thanks, I will wait for the last version of Bluetooth.


    the last bluetooth version will be the one before you're dead, doubt it will be useful by then.


it is interesting piece of tech alright. one should always support technology advancement.
but it is not that headline grabbing as you would have thought. Nobody goes out and change a phone today because it has Bluetooth 5.0. that’s why it is not in headline, get it?
sometimes being the first at something, while having bragging right, has little significance. what the point of having the world first phone but has no one to call right? it will take a while for Bluetooth peripherals to catchup… so again, is not really a selling point… for now.
just don’t get excited over every piece of new tech.


    I think soya cincau done a good job by providing latest Tech news to its readers. Time is changing, technology is getting advance in this fast pace world and we are required to equip ourselves with global change and knowledge. The only thing doesn’t change at all is your old skull mindset, live to complaints. Civilized people give constructive feedback others will improve and appreciate; You just give pointless views and live to complaints.


      and what did you just do in response to my complain?


      It’s “live to complain”.

      Why are you so annoyed? Copycat is correct – it’s not highlighted because most people don’t care about what version of Bluetooth a phone is running. What’s wrong with that comment? Are you going to buy s8 because of Bluetooth 5.0?


      Copycat = Dave


    Well, i guess its fine when Apple come's out with a not so advance tech but when there is a tech advancement from other smartphone makers they dont get the recognition that they deserve?


      what recognition. this have nothing to do with samsung anyway. they use the latest snapdragon 835 which by default comes with bluetooth 5. if there's any credit to be given, it's to qualcomm for including the latest version. samsung don't have a say in the version it comes with. lol


        Samsung still have their own SoCs which they developed in house. So they do have a say in this matter.


          and samsung also make ram and storage chips for apple. doesn't mean they can tell apple to include more ram in their phone. rofl.


          sorry that was for the guy below. lol. anyway, my point was that the latest chipset will obviously have the latest version. what is there to give credit?


          The point is, If they are able to create the latest chipset that has the latest tech and perform up to expectation. Then they deserve the credit.. Same goes to apple in terms of ios optimization. you have to give credit to apple that the IOS is still a solid OS eventhough its tightly-closed.


        And they also build Qualcomm's chipsets, they literally have Qualcomm by the ba%% ..thats why s8 first got get 835 …plus Bluetooth is an open source project….just hentam comment only…


No Way, Xperia XZ Premium should be the first phone with Bluetooth 5.0, just that it will no go on sale earlier than the S8/+