The iPad mini 4 could be the last iPad mini you can buy |

The iPad mini 4 could be the last iPad mini you can buy

Posted:  March 22, 2017   By:    15 comments   

iPad mini 4 Malaysia

When Apple introduced its new 9.7″ iPad, they had also discontinued its ageing iPad mini 2 which is formerly known as the iPad mini with Retina Display. This makes the iPad mini 4 its sole surviving compact tablet and it comes only with a single 128GB option.

As a result, Apple has raised the price barrier and the cheapest tablet you can get from them is their new 9.7″ iPad that’s priced from RM1,549 for the 32GB WiFi version. Before this, you can pick up an iPad mini 2 32GB at RM1,049 for WiFi or RM1,479 for the Cellular version.

Officially, Apple is just offering 4 iPad models. You now have two iPad Pro models (12.9″ & 9.7″), a new 9.7″ iPad and the 7.9″ iPad mini 4. The iPad Pro is a high-end tablet which Apple claim is a viable desktop replacement for your home. For better productivity, there’s an optional keyboard and a digital Pencil stylus.

The entire tablet segment has been suffering a decline for 9 consecutive quarters and in Apple’s recent quarterly report, iPad revenues have dropped 22% year on year. According to IDC, for every 10 iPads shipped, only 1 of them is an iPad Pro. That means that the standard iPad models are crucial to drive volume and its pricing would be a key factor.

The current iPad mini 4 is now going at RM1,899 for 128GB WiFi or RM2,549 if you need 4G LTE connectivity. If you’re on a tight budget, Apple wants you to get the new iPad which is priced from RM1,549. Even if you look at the same 128GB storage option, the new iPad is merely RM100 more than the iPad mini 4 and you get a bigger screen and a faster A9 chip. The new iPad processor claims to offer 1.6X faster CPU and 1.8X faster GPU performance when compared to the older A8 chip on the iPad mini 4. Of course, it is worth pointing out that the new iPad display is a notch below as it isn’t a fully laminated display and it lacks an anti-reflective coating.

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It is pretty unusual for Apple to start phasing out the smaller storage options for the iPad mini 4 before a new replacement is announced. There’s also a chance that Apple might be working on a new 5th gen iPad mini but we won’t be putting too much hope on that. Looking at the current trend, it does seem like manufacturers are moving away from smaller 7-8″ tablets. For example, Samsung’s newer Galaxy Tab A (2016) and Galaxy Tab S3 were only launched with 9.7″-10.1″ sizes.

Do you think Apple should continue making the iPad mini? Or should they just phase it out and focus on larger sizes instead? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re still looking for cheap iPad minis, you could probably still find existing iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4 stocks at a local authorised Apple reseller near you.

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15 Comments for The iPad mini 4 could be the last iPad mini you can buy


I think they should continue to make ipad mini… and sell at rm699

    Soul Provider

    In dreams perhaps!


Me think Apple should start selling it's products at affordable prices. Consumers these days are spoilt for choice between phablets and tablets.


I'm actually waiting the mini to get A9 chip but no hope. A9 is much faster & should last for years to come


consumers are spoilt only with androids and Windows versions.
thats bcoz they give lotsa stuff at lower quality.
we all have to pay for Quality la.
its a choice of either lesser or more quality.
its time u get the Apple experience urself and judge from there….


    Beside spoilt by many choices, my Win8 tablet and Sam 7″ tablet are also “spoilt” my mood.
    None usable after 2 years and terrible experiences.

    Still sticking to my ipad mini 1.


      I also have iPad mini 1, it's terribly lag in web-based app. Try type in safari address bar, you'll notice how slow it is. iOS 8 & 9 make it worst. Apple make right decision by not upgrade it to iOS 10.

      Native app still usable though, although some app will regularly crash due to insufficient RAM.


        The OS and browsers have to be updated to keep up with the current web trends. Look at those increasingly complex Html5 websites, gosh, some with video-like playing web backgrounds and multiple layers of sprite-like overlays.

        With updated iOS , the safari or even chrome are updated to handle them. The mini 1 simply doesn't have enough RAM (512MB) to handle most of them since the browser app itself has grown larger in size.

        Even my 5 years old Sandy Bridge i5 CPU+GPU can't run Win 10 and Edge smoothly, let a lone the same aged Mini1.

        However, as a HomeKit commander, Turn-by-turn GPS and video streaming client, it's still serving me well.

    Lynn Stout

    Quality doesn’t come as overpriced least with android over 90% of stuff I download it’s free plus expandable memory cheap replacement parts (charge cable) and oh yeah 100% free music downloads, theme customization least my phone don’t look the same as someone else’s oh wait u can change the background haha looks barly different but I will agree with u saying windows phone has no quality. And one more thing show me a iPhone with a shatter proof screen, android has 3 Motorola Droid turbo 2 Moto Z droid edition and Moto Z Force.


iPad Mini is my most favourite iPad. It is my daily driver that I cannot leave without. They should certainly continue to come out new iPad Mini


Honestly Apple killed iPad after having so much success with it. At first, the performance improvement was brilliant, but once you get pass iPad4/Air, everything start going downhill. You will live with the restriction because Android tablet sucks really bad back then. However Android tablet has been revived by the latest Android iteration and having the better hardware to cope with it. To make it worse, some Android phone has been getting bigger, nearing the boundaries of iPad Mini.

Android has been more flexible when it comes to content copying, media playback and also having the leisure to add-on more memories.


when is ipad 2017 out in malaysia?? my air 2 got stolen… T_T T_T


    I am looking for a buyer.
    Let me know if you're keen.

Dell Drivers

Nice post admin thanks for sharing


Sold all previous tablets, mipad, even laptop and move almost entirely onto the Mi Max 2. Communications, messaging, blogging, photography, plus occasional gaming all works perfectly.