Samsung Malaysia offers the Galaxy S7/S7 edge at RM500 off

Posted:  March 22, 2017   By:    11 comments   

With the Galaxy S8 coming soon, Samsung Malaysia is now offering a RM500 discount on its current Galaxy S7 and S7 edge flagship smartphones. This is a limited time offer on a first come first serve basis.

With this RM500 off promotion, the Galaxy S7 edge 32GB (RRP: RM3,099) can be yours at RM2,599 while the larger 128GB version (RRP: RM3,399) is going for RM2,899. Surprisingly the Galaxy S7 is still listed here considering stocks are quite hard to come by. The Galaxy S7 which is priced at RM2,699 can be yours for only RM2,199.

Take note that this offer is only applicable through the mySamsung app. You’ll need to head to a participating Samsung Partner outlet and show the redemption screen to enjoy the RM500 discount. The promotion is available starting today, 22 March until 9 April 2017 and while stocks last.


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11 Comments for Samsung Malaysia offers the Galaxy S7/S7 edge at RM500 off


Hi Soyacincau, perhaps you could make clear the title, this should be "Upgrade your old Samsung phone to S7/Edge to enjoy RM500 discount via mySamsung App redemption", otherwise this looks like fake news.


    Samsung is indeed offering the devices at RM500 off and we have stated the terms clearly in the post. You won’t need to hand over or trade in your old Samsung phone to take up this offer.


But this means you must have a current Samsung phone in order to use the mySamSung App. Either that or have to use a friend and ask the friend or his HP to accompany you to the shop.

A lot of hassle but have to work hard to save the RM500


Rather get oneplus 3t


S7 edge a great phone but after discount (rm3099 – 500 = rm2599), the price almost same with the new Huawei P10. Better decide after the Mi6 and S8 came out, The price dropped mi5 and P9 also some not bad choice if u dun wan to drag out 2k~3k++ for a phone.


Good time for those who already made their mind to take the plunge buying S7 before this ad comes out.

For the rest, S8 is coming out and S7 gonna drop price anyway.


s7/s7e camera > onplus3t


Only 1D10T5 buy overpriced phones…With discounted price of rm2199, Samsung still profits 125%…


    Try run a business with 125% so called profit on raw materials alone excluding rental, marketing, staffing, etc.

    “Adding together the price of the individual components shows the Samsung Galaxy S7 costs about $255 in raw parts. That number doesn’t account for research, development, shipping, or marketing, but demonstrates how Samsung’s supply chain expenses fluctuate year-over-year.”

    Before acting smart, please learn how to read. Why don’t you find out how much Apple makes from each phone.


      Back in Mar'16 when SG7 was launched, the exchange rate was about RM3.90 , that only makes the build cost to RM1000, does Samsung need to add RM1699 per phone as indirect expenses ?


    care to share how much apple profits from a single iDevice?