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Google Maps makes it easier to return to your car

Google Maps is getting more useful with every new update. For those who always have problems locating their vehicle at the carpark, this latest version is just what you need.

With the latest Google Maps v9.49, they are adding a couple of parking features to make it easier to locate your ride. After you end your navigation, Google allows you to save your location manually for easy reference. All you’ll need to do is to tap on the blue dot and select save your parking.

On top of that, you can add notes which are useful for multi-storey car parks and you can even add photos to guide you. If your parking is a metered one, the new update even lets you add a timer so you can keep track of your parking duration to avoid fines. Unfortunately, it doesn’t alert you but it will tell you that your parking has expired under notification.

If you can’t wait, you can try the beta app over here. Take note that this isn’t final so proceed at your own risk.


Alexander Wong