This free airport Wi-Fi is faster than your home Wi-Fi

Posted:  March 17, 2017   By:    6 comments   

Now the millions of people that travel through Dubai International (DXB) will be able to experience the worlds fastest airport Wi-Fi.

Appropriately named WOW-Fi, the upgrade provides internet connection up to a mind-blowing 100Mbps. This move follows the launch of an upgraded free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connection across Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) in December last year.

Dubai Airports’ Executive Vice President of Technology and Infrastructure, Michael Ibbitson, said the high-speed internet that had been launched late last year was to support the travelers who make DXB such a busy airport.

He also said, during the two months since the soft launch of WOW-Fi, the service has been used by an average of over 100,000 travelers per day.

You may be thinking, “thousands of people using at one go, can access ah?”. Well, to ensure the speed and reliability, Dubai Airports is investing in more than 6,000 new Wi-Fi access points to upgrade the entire wireless network infrastructure across both airports.

Dubai Airports have also enhanced the internet links to 5Gbps each to provide the needed bandwidth and flexibility, while new web applications have been specially developed for each terminal and lounge to improve information for passengers.

What do you think about this move by Dubai Airports?


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6 Comments for This free airport Wi-Fi is faster than your home Wi-Fi


UAE is concentrating on latest technology while Malaysia still concentrating on gay issue~

    biasa, tapi tak biasa

    Include brush issue too…


meanwhile my unifi 10mbps lol


No it's just equal my home wifi speed….


not bad speeds but Manila Airport is faster. i have had download speeds of 200+mbps & upload of 300+mbps in Ninoy Intl.


currently satisfied with time 100mbps