Here’s what the 2nd Generation Samsung Gear 360 will look like

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We loved the Samsung Gear 360. It was the easiest — and one of the cheapest — ways to get your feet wet with 360-degree video and photos. Now we get to take a closer look at its successor and it looks….rather interesting.

These images come courtesy of the United States Federal Communications Commission, who released them on their online database. The photos detail a Samsung device with the model name SM-R210 and reveal that Samsung will be taking a radical design change with their new Gear 360.

Gone is the cutesy Pixar-cartoon-character look with a built-in tripod. In its place, it looks like Samsung is trying to get more people to use it handheld. Instead of a round head with a tiny tripod that folds in, this new one’s body extends all the way from the head down to a tiny little grip that looks like it’ll fit snugly into your hand. There also appears to be a little cutout for you to thread a camera wrist strap to so it won’t go flying out of your hand.

It’s also slightly smaller, based on the measurements it’s also quite a bit smaller than the older Gear 360 so it should be a lot more pocketable. Unfortunately, there’s no image of the bottom of the device so we don’t know if there will be a standard tripod thread. There is also no official confirmation of the name beyond Samsung Gear 360, so it will likely be the “New Gear 360” or something along those lines.

What I do like is if this can stand by itself without the need of a tripod, you may be able to record full 360-degree footage without seeing the little device’s little tripod feet at the bottom — something the first generation Gear 360 suffers with.

What do you guys think about this design? Let me know in the comments below!


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2 Comments for Here’s what the 2nd Generation Samsung Gear 360 will look like


Well, I bought the LG 360 Cam. Love it so much!


I like it. Hope I can get a hack so it will work with my note 4. Until the note 8 comes out.