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Digi subscribers can use their 4G Weekend data on all networks

When Digi introduced their new postpaid plans, it came with a data split of all-day and 4G weekend quota. Like the name suggests, the weekend data was only applicable if you’re on their 4G network. Any data usage on their 3G or 2G network will utilise your all-day data bucket.

Now it seems that Digi is loosening its data restriction as they have made some changes to their 4G weekend clause. This is good news for subscribers that are staying on the fringe of a 4G coverage area.

If you’re a Digi Postpaid 50, 80 or 110 subscriber, you should have received an SMS as shown above informing that the 4G weekend data is now applicable on EDGE, 3G and 4G. To recap, Digi Postpaid 50 gets 5GB of weekend data and Postpaid 80 users get 10GB of weekend data. Meanwhile, Digi Postpaid 110 subscribers can enjoy “unlimited” weekend data but take note there’s a fair usage limit of 100GB per month.

Digi has also updated their FAQ on their New Postpaid page to reflect this change. Since it’s applicable to all networks, wouldn’t it be better for Digi to rename “4G Weekend” to just “Weekend” data?


Alexander Wong