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Here’s the kind of gear we use to cover MWC 2017

The camera gear

The goal of this setup is to be mobile and lightweight.

Sony RX100 Mk II & Sony RX100 Mk V

For running and gunning, we went with a pair of Sony RX100s. Both shoot great video, are incredibly portable and super versatile.

The Mk V has the added benefit of 4K video while the Mk II gives more flexibility with its built-in hot shoe mount so we can strap stuff like mics and flashes to it.

Learn more here.

Sony a6300

This, on the other hand, will be our main camera. It’s got great video quality, 4K capability and amazing low-light performance.

Couple that with its portable size and manageable weight and you’ve got a seriously good video camera for mobile shoots.

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Fujifilm X100S

For stills and photos on the show floor, I’ll be bringing the Fujifilm X100S.

With its 23mm fixed lens, it isn’t practical for close-ups, but it will serve as an excellent secondary camera for walking the floor. Plus, you really can’t beat Fujifilm’s colour reproduction.

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