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Own a new iPhone every year hassle free from RM115 per month

This post is brought to you by Celcom NewPhone.

A new year deserves a new phone. If you find it hard to keep up, Celcom is making it easier to own a spanking new iPhone than ever before.

For a fixed monthly fee, you can switch to a new iPhone and have it replaced with a new device every 12 months at no additional cost with Celcom’s NewPhone. There’s no need to worry about trade-ins or resale values.

To sign up, just pick up your preferred iPhone 7 on FIRST Postpaid Plans that come with unlimited calls and up to 60GB of data each month. The base iPhone 7 32GB can be yours for only RM135/month on FIRST Gold Plus or RM115/month with FIRST Platinum.

If you’re looking for something bigger, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB can be yours for RM165/month on FIRST Gold Plus or RM140/month on FIRST Platinum. The monthly instalments are easier on your pocket so you won’t need to fork out thousands of ringgit upfront.

You can also top up additional RM40/month for device protection which covers accidental drops, damages and even theft. Since you’re required to swap your old device in good condition, this would give you extra peace of mind to avoid extra penalties.

NewPhone lets you swap phones every 12 months for free but you can opt for an earlier upgrade by paying an Express NewPhone fee. For now, Celcom is offering NewPhone with the iPhone 7/7 Plus and they will be adding more phone models very soon.

To get started, just visit Celcom’s NewPhone page or visit a Blue Cube centre near you.