Here are the top 5 smartphone brands in Malaysia for 2016

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Smartphone shipments in Malaysia had dropped by 5.9% in 2016 versus the previous year according to IDC Malaysia’s latest report. They reckon this was likely caused by negative economic factors which include our depreciating ringgit against the US dollar.

Despite the annual decline, smartphone shipments had picked up in the last quarter and the top 3 brands were still able to increase their respective market share.


For the last 3 months of 2016, Samsung remained the top smartphone brand in Malaysia with 877,000 units shipped. Despite the Galaxy Note7 disaster, the Korean smartphone brand had sold 77.2% more phones compared to the same period in 2015. The battery issue had caused hardly any impact and most shipments came from the affordable Galaxy J series.

At #2, Apple had shipped 351,000 units which coincide with the release of its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Despite the price increase, they have moved more units compared to Q4 2015 and IDC noted that most units are sold through telco contracts.

OPPO at #3 had shown the biggest growth in Q4 2016 by more than doubling its shipments versus the previous year. They have shipped 293,000 smartphones followed by Huawei at #4 with 221,000 units. The focus on selfie-centric smartphones is paying off for OPPO while Huawei is gradually increasing its foothold in the flagship segment with its P9 series.

ASUS manages to remain on the top 5 list with just 205,000 units shipped. Compared to 2015, the new ZenFone 3 series didn’t do as well as the ZenFone 2. This could be partly due to the ZenFone 3’s higher price tag as the Taiwanese brand tries to go premium.


Throughout 2016, Samsung had shipped over 3 million smartphones in Malaysia with a steady growth of 17.2% year on year. The Chinese brands such as OPPO and Huawei have also grown significantly last year overtaking ASUS and Apple. ASUS, which have always thrived on selling compelling phones at lower price point is the worst hit in 2016. The ASUS ZenFone 3 is a remarkable improvement over its predecessor but it’s probably too ambitious for our local market.


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22 Comments for Here are the top 5 smartphone brands in Malaysia for 2016


Make more phone less than RM1K please. Asus think they are better than Samsung selling RM3K phone.


    Boycott arrogance American products, support Asia products, Asia rule


      whatever product also all made in China lah you dumb head. go look up globalisation in the dictionary.

        Peter Pan

        Go back home study again, dumb brain, the revenue from sombong American products never fall to Asian hand

          Asia Power

          Study account and have deep knowledge in financial management and cross border monetary policy and systems


          I'd buy Asia product but at best avoid PRC product / brand. God knows what they did to get those product in your hands.



      Huawei, vivo, and sus are some example of culprit

      They even dare price their product even more than samsung and apple

      Even xiaomi are starting to sell at even higher price range

        Asia phone

        Mate 9 sell 6999 of course top spec fastest gpu and co engineer leico and co operation with sport car design, no way arrogance rotten fruit brand and bomb can match, other than that all phone price far far below those two brand, give evidence which other sell more expensive than those two? Funny comment

Derek Law

What happened to xiaomi.

Asus very poor QC, my wife ZenFone 2 screen just cracked after 6 mths, was not dropped at all


Asus 3 is a failure…..Xioami will be a success if they push more effort on marketting…


    xiaomi push more in marketing?? and transfer the cost to consumer?!
    what they need is a healthy supply of models and better distribution and service network.
    many people is tired of checking out websites which always showing out of stock.


    xiaomi's weakness is marketing and product availability. their latest models are only available in china and india

      Peter Pan

      Xiaomi wrong moge to hire Hugo few year back, fail to build proper supply chain network failed to introduce products to wider market, best to get rid of this fellow


        Xiaomi should hire you. Then you can work at factory overnight to make more stock for Malaysia.


    Zenfone 3 is a great phone with worth it specs if u buy it discounted. Not to mention available everywhere. If Xiaomi push more in marketing the prices will go up, then you consumers will complain. Never satisfied.


This is rubbish analysis, they didn't calculate the parallel importer of phone like Xiaomi etc. I personally got 7 xiaomi phones in my house


    So Xiaomi must be number one because each household got 7. China shipped 7 times and Malaysia another 7 times as AP set. IDC should hire you to do research.


      No, i guess Aniki thinks Malaysia only has a population of 7, and the 7 are all her family members. Lol funny shit


    This analysis is for 2016. You mean you have 7 xiaomi bought in 2016? You need to call up the Guinease record book to lodge your achievement.

    Poor Sony. Now in "Dan lain lain" category together with xiaomi.


    aniki,the ap set counted as foreign product,not domestic sales. domestic sales just on original products for our market. that is sales analysis for domestic/local market.

    thats why toyota sales in malaysia,just counted from toyota malaysia sales,not including from grey importer.

    luckily you r not an analyst,if not,your data isnt reliable at all.


      hahahah….. finally someone speaks with sense….

Its Britney Bissh

this chart drive me crazy, i just cant sleep. Should have been xiaomi, but since barra left they seems to forgot abt Mlysia….All Im asking to Xiaomi is Gimme Gimme more…..And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical,…….