U Mobile now offers free unlimited data for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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UPDATE: Check out our U Mobile UNLIMITED Power Prepaid vs Power Prepaid plan comparison.

U Mobile has always been shaking things up in the telco industry with its generous data offering. First, they had introduced Video-Onz which gave unlimited free video streaming and this was followed by Music-Onz which does the same thing for music. Then, they had Game-Onz data add-ons designed for unlimited gaming through WiFi tethering.

Now they are introducing App Onz which offers unlimited free data for social. This lets you enjoy Facebook (including Messenger), Twitter and Instagram without utilising your normal data quota.


U Mobile App Onz is rolled out with its new UNLIMITED POWER Prepaid plan. It’s the first prepaid in Malaysia to provide unlimited data for all your social needs and it comes with 300 minutes of free calls each month within the U Mobile network. A starter pack costs RM8.50 and it comes bundled with RM5 of credit and 200MB of high-speed data that’s valid for 10 days.

Compared to the current POWER Prepaid plan, the call rates for the new prepaid are slightly higher at 12 sen/30 secs instead of 7 sen/30 secs while SMS costs 12 sen each. According to U Mobile, the new UNLIMITED Power Prepaid still comes with free 1GB of high-speed data each month with a minimum top up of RM10. You’ll lose the free 1GB high-speed internet each month but you get free 1GB of basic (throttled) data instead of 2GB basic data.

For existing U Mobile prepaid customers, you can enjoy App Onz by migrating to the new UNLIMITED POWER Prepaid by dialling *118*6*2*3# beginning 17 February 2017 which costs RM3 to make the switch. For postpaid customers, App Onz will be activated automatically between 17 to 25 February 2017. App Onz has no time, weekend or quota restrictions, so you can use it anytime and anywhere.

U Mobile also has plans to add more apps into App Onz sometime in the future. In case you missed it, data usage of Waze is free if you’re on U Mobile’s postpaid and prepaid UMI plan.

Since U Mobile is now offering free usage for video, music and now social, it is probably harder for most Hero P98 postpaid subscribers to finish their quota. The new UNLIMITED Power Prepaid starter pack will go on sale starting tomorrow, 17 February 2017.

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20 Comments for U Mobile now offers free unlimited data for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


quote from lowyat….

hi all, just now hand gatal upgrade to new unlimited power package using *118*6*2*3#. notice that the 1gb free data is gone . But expiry date reset become 10days and deduct RM3 credit. Please take note.


    Maybe because it’s begin in 17 feb


    That’s right. It’s written on U Mobile’s website:
    RM3 will be charged for plan request. 10 days active validity upon switching plan. Only credit balance will be carried over. All freebies packages and validity will be forfeited.


it comes with 300 minutes of free calls each month within the U Mobile network.

currently power prepaid offering 15 min perday = 450 min per month
so the new unlimited power prepaid will be 300 min for whole month or 10 min per day?


    The new plan is offering 10 minutes of free calls per day. It’s also split on a daily basis.


Its like that … all free stuff and credit and also credit validity date will be reset!! Dont you read T&C!!!!!

Pandai you kau!!! Haha


I think the previous plan is better.


    Agree. Further there are T&C saying that if you subscribe to UMI plan, voice minutes on UMI will be used first regardless of to UMobile or other networks.. So you will nvr able to fully utilise the so-called free 300 on net minutes… You sure the numbers you called are all UMobile numbers? Also the pay-per-use tariff is higher !!!

    It's just a marketing and repackaging… Nothing new and to shout for!!! UMobile only gimnick is have hired a monkey marketing lady tat so high-profile and few big boops girl promoters to showcase! Sex do sell!


      Leave the planet earth for good


Without Whatsapp how can it be still called “for all your social needs” ?


    Eye problem? Did u mobile brochure ever mentioned for all your social needs or merely written by soya cincai?

    Get tested!!!


I think the previous plan is better.


    I think your previous phone was better…


guys, you can switch back to power plan if new plan is not prefer by u, anyway there will be another RM3 charges: http://www.u.com.my/faqs/52/595?page=2


I like that


SO conculsion is new plan or old plan better?? Pls advise

Boo boo

My umobile app onz doesnt not functioning for this months.. Just scrolling the insta for about 30minutes and pop up a message that state that i have used up 80% of my quota.. Where is the app onz that umobile promise us?


is the unlimited data for app ons speed just basic?

Tomas Chong

Umobile connection sucks. 4G at the speed of not even 3G.
We are being cheated!!!
What’s the point of having unlimited if cant even run a movie smoothly, line breaking up, very poor coverage.
We are not being appreciated.
It’s time to change station. Many new plan has good offer. Don’t need unlimited anyway. Just need sufficient data n speed of truly 4G.


no free data for messenger?