This is how the LG G6 takes advantage of its 18:9 display

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The LG G6 will feature a massive 5.7″ Quad HD display on a smaller footprint. The South Korean smartphone maker is calling it a FullVision display as it occupies almost the entire front of the phone. This is made possible with an unconventional 18:9 display aspect ratio which pushes 2,880×1,440 pixels resolution.

Having additional pixels on the screen would be wasteful if existing apps can’t take full advantage of it. To address that, LG is introducing a new UX 6.0 interface which has been teased ahead of its big reveal.


The latest UX 6.0 will take advantage of the extra display real estate for better multi-tasking and content consumption. With a taller screen, the LG G6 allows you to view more information and options while running existing apps. LG is pushing for more games, apps and videos to be developed for the 18:9 format but at the same time, the G6 will still be able to view 16:9 ratio content effortlessly on an 18:9 screen.

Since 18:9 is like having two perfect squares placed side by side, the LG G6 camera interface allows you to capture 1:1 social images while previewing them in the next window. Multi-tasking is said to be better with squares as it can deliver a more consistent experience for both portrait or landscape mode.

LG will be announcing the G6 next Sunday, 26 February at Barcelona. It is expected to be waterproof and it would come with a non-removable battery. You can find out more about the LG G6 in our earlier post.


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