webe’s RM79/month postpaid offer has been extended again

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If you’ve missed webe’s “limited-time” RM79/month offer, don’t panic. The discounted subscription offer has been extended again until further notice.

To recap, the webe postpaid plan was originally priced at RM199/month but they are giving RM120 off each month regardless of what phone you’re using. Initially, the RM79/month subscription price was only applicable if you’re an existing TM customer and if you own a “webe-certified” phone that can support 850MHz on LTE.

The webe postpaid plan gives you unlimited voice calls, SMS and mobile data. Unlike other telcos, webe charges for tethering at RM6 for 2 hours. If you don’t use your phone as a hotspot, your data usage is unlimited without data caps. Just take note that peer to peer traffic will be throttled to 64kbps and video streaming speeds will be managed at 480p. For those that travel, webe is also offering unlimited daily roaming from RM39/day at selected countries.


With Valentine’s day happening tomorrow, webe wants you to video call your loved ones on their postpaid plan. If you plan to do so, just remember to use your instant messaging apps such as whatsapp, skype, line or wechat as native video calling isn’t supported.


Webe hasn’t mentioned any end date for this extended promo and they probably should make this RM79/month offer permanent. For more information about webe, head over to the webe postpaid page.

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19 Comments for webe’s RM79/month postpaid offer has been extended again

Syukri Lajin

Video streaming(and google play store download? At least for some, i think it’s based on file size) is limited at around 256-258KB/s. It’s not exactly 480p, i think 480 is selected because the app does some kind of test to see which is the best resolution.

    Syukri Lajin

    Also, on my redmi note 3, voice call doesn’t work on 4G. Always dropped to H+ while calling, and on 4G only mode, can’t use it to for voice call at all.


      4G cannot make phone calls if it don’t support volte.


      Want to make voice call over the LTE? Use yes they have the widest volte network in the country.

be dumb

why are WE not even surprised???


Customers amount not achieved… I have cancelled mine after just 2 wks of usage. Rubbish


webe need to change 2 marketing point :
1. just fic it at permenant rm79 la. the Rm120 discount condition is just BS
2. don charge on the hotspot, if still need to control, then gv around 5gb for hotspot, after that speed will b manage for hotspot.

    derek law

    Agree but unlikely that Webe will listen to their customers. But what consumer has are choices, unless you really use lots of data and webe is avaliable where you need it, it is unlikely that you can really utiise the unlimited data or calls.

exasperated user

i’m more concerned of the intrusive “hacksaw ridge” advertisement covering whole webpage. damn nuisance. put a stop to this full page crap.


one of the world's greatest deal. however, umobile u28 is too cheap to ignore. difference of RM50 is not little 😀

    derek law

    yes, U Mobile U28 is a great plan, esp if you're in Klang Valley where coverage is good. But if you're constantly traveling, 4G coverage could be an issue


what about the dl speed on cloud (ie MEGA, GOOGLEDOC etc)? does that depend on the file size as well?


unlimited data but 64kb p2p download and 480p youtube? what the unlimited data for then? facebook 24hours


I guess the reason for the 4G problem is that Webe 4G only support phone with 850mhz LTE band only hence the problem with many users. Not all phone suppoert 850mhz LTE band fyi.

Amy Jong

Webe committed me is 79 unlimited a mth when bill coming is 134. A mth

How a deal

Goh Diana

I feel get cheated by webe too… webe committed me 79 too, and i can understand 1st month will charged higher than offer given but how come is 164.75rm for only one month.

Ang Ban Seng

We cancelled the account on 8-6-2017 at Telekom Sungai Bakap , July 2017 you email to us ask for pyt of RM 38, we went to Telekom Sg Bakap again and was informed that you hv cancelled the account, no need to pay, August 2017 you SMS us that due to no pyt of RM 68 you suspended our account, again we went to your Telekom Sg Bakap, again said the account hv been cancelled no need to pay. Can you please assist us on the matter. Each time we went to Telekom we hv to queue for more than 1 hour.


Tell me more about the RM79.00 package.


Tell me more about RM 79.00 plan.