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Here’s the ‘surprise’ Streamyx (and some UniFi) subscribers will get


Last week, TM revealed the first stage of their ‘Thank You Surprise’. For many UniFi customers, they were able to check if they were eligible for the free speed upgrade that was announced earlier. However, there were some who received a message informing them to check back on the 25th of January instead.

Today is the 25th of January and here’s what you’ll get. Hint: It’s not a speed upgrade.

If you have not checked to see what surprise you will be getting, you can do so here. Simply key in your details and follow the instructions. Last week, those eligible were informed of their speed upgrade and what that means to them as a subscriber. To learn more about that, click here.

With a little digging and investigation, we found out that TM subscribers — those on Streamyx and even UniFi — who were not eligible to check for last week’s speed upgrade check will instead receive one of the following:

1. HyppTV Pack: Jumbo/Aneka/Ruby/Varnam free for 12 months.
2. HyppTV VOD: Subscribers will receive two VODs per month for a total of four months
3. Subscribers will be able to subscribe to webe at RM79/month and receive an RM10 discount on their TM bill.

170125-tm-thank-you-surprise-25-jan-1 170125-tm-thank-you-surprise-25-jan-2

Our investigation also revealed that while some subscribers can choose which surprise they want, not all will be given that same opportunity.

I don’t know about you, but this ‘surprise’ seems incredibly lacklustre compared to the, on average, doubling of the speed other eligible UniFi customers receive. Considering that they’re a lot more Streamyx (even more so when you add the non-eligible on UniFi) subscribers than those on UniFi, I’m not sure that this will go down too well with the bulk of TM’s broadband subscribers.

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What do you guys think of this? Let me know in the comments below! Also, do let me know what surprise you got, in case we missed one during our digging.