LG could be launching its first waterproof flagship smartphone at MWC 2017


With MWC 2017 happening next month, LG is about to reveal its successor of the LG G5. To pique your interest, they have just released a teaser video which claims to bring your ideal smartphone to life.


In the 45 seconds video, it hinted that the new device (likely the LG G6) will have a bigger screen while feeling compact in the hands. This allows easy usage even with one hand. Perhaps the biggest new feature for LG is waterproofing and improved durability, especially the screen. There’s no mention about modular accessories and it is likely that LG would drop this mechanism for their next flagship.

In terms of display, the upcoming LG G6 could feature the highest screen to body aspect ratio with its in-house developed 5.7″ QHD+ LCD display. It will push a wider 2880×1440 resolution with an odd 18:9 display aspect ratio which is said to be optimised for dual-screen multitasking. The new display is under 1mm thick with an ultra-thin bezel of just 0.2mm on top and 0.54mm at the sides. The new LCD panel also boasts an improved visibility of 10% while using 30% less power when compared to conventional QHD LCDs.

The LG G5 is probably the last flagship smartphone to feature both a removable battery and microSD expansion. It is very likely that LG would go for non-removable battery design for better waterproofing on the G6. Is having removable batteries still a big deal in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

Alexander Wong