Digi offers “unlimited” video, social or internet calls for 88sen per day

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In conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, Digi is offering its unlimited daily passes for only 88 sen/day. You can choose between unlimited video (lite), unlimited social (lite) and unlimited internet calls (video & voice).


This offer is valid only for prepaid and the unlimited passes at 88 sen is valid from now until 28 February 2017. For video, this covers its Digi Video Freedom platforms which include YouTube, iflix, Astro on the go, HyppTV Everywhere, Viu, Dailymotion, Tonton, dimsum, Netflix and Hero Talkies.

Alternatively, Digi is also offering Unlimited Internet “Lite” or Unlimited (Digi to Digi) calls at RM3/day. Also offered is Unlimited High-Speed Internet or Unlimited calls to all networks at RM8/day.

Do note that the unlimited “Lite” offering has a speed cap of just 512kbps. Despite being advertised as “unlimited”, there’s a fair usage policy of 10GB for Internet and 1,000 minutes for calls.

For more info, head on over to Digi Prepaid’s Unlimited Packages page.

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11 Comments for Digi offers “unlimited” video, social or internet calls for 88sen per day


88 eggs were digi want?


Yes, gengsters should use the territorial mafia telco instead. Don't touch the Yellow men. There's always "The-Mafia(abbreviation)" telco for you.


now i know the 'unlimited' actually has an end point somewhere. the old unlimited meaning not releven nowdays


I many like the Digi. Golden color very prosperity.


Could somebody give dictionary to Digi?


that’s why they get egged.

tell customer is unlimited but actually is 10gb.

is this type of misconception they create that cause misunderstanding.


    10GB is more than enough dude!


The word "Unlimited" from digi cannot be trusted. Ported out from digi long time ago 🙂

Worst Liar

Ported out from it last year, the whole family too..
Changed my company provider too…
This DIGI is the worst among them.. so I choose the lesser evil..


u mobile has been enjoy these benefits since stone age….

Lying telcos

Someone should really sue them for misrepresentation.