Samsung’s Galaxy A 2017 comes with water resistance, but is it worth it?

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Water resistance on smartphones is still not as common as you think, especially when you look at smartphones that aren’t flagship devices. Even the super pricey Google Pixel doesn’t come with any form of meaningful water resistance.

This makes Samsung’s decision to include IP68  water resistance in their new mid-range Galaxy A smartphones all the more interesting. They’ve launched the two brand new smartphones, the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017), here in Malaysia but the question is: Should you be looking for water resistance when you’ve got a fixed budget in mind?

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

If you had asked me that question about a year ago, I would have probably said no. But now, after using several water resistant devices, my answer’s a little different. In a nutshell, I now find life without a water resistant smartphone very inconvenient.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

That said, this is the mid-range market so users should be looking to squeeze as much performance and longevity out of their smartphones as possible. And the good news is that the Galaxy A (2017) devices aren’t exactly what I’d call slouches.


Both the Galaxy A7 (2017) and the Galaxy A5 (2017) have pretty much identical internals. They’ve got a 1.9GHz Samsung Exynos 7880 octa-core processor mated to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. This storage is expandable via a microSD card which has its own dedicated slot — so no hybrid sharing nonsense in this dual-SIM device. They’re also sporting high-resolution 16-megapixel f/1.9 aperture cameras in the front and back.


The only big difference between the two, as you’ve probably guessed, is the size of their screen and battery. On the Galaxy A7 (2017), you get a 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display while the Galaxy A5 (2017) sports a 5.2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED panel instead. On the battery end of things, the larger A7 (2017) is packing a 3,600 mAh cell while the A5 (2017) comes with a 3,000 mAh cell. Both do support fast-charging via USB Type-C, however, which is great.


Keeping with Samsung’s new premium-build tradition, both handsets come in beautifully machined bodies of glass and metal. Like Samsung’s newer flagship handsets, the back of the smartphone is also ever so slightly curved so that it’ll fit nicely into your palms while the front glass has a subtle 2.5D finish.


In front, you’ll also find a fingerprint scanner tucked under the physical home button which you can use to unlock your smartphone and make payments via Samsung Pay which is compatible with MST and NFC payment terminals.


These new devices from Samsung do come with some pretty decent specifications, but they aren’t without compromise. Although you don’t have a camera bump at the back, you also lose optical image stabilisation on the primary cameras, which is a pretty big deal to me. But in its place you get water resistance that lets your device be submerged up in depths of up to 1.5 metres for as long as 30 minutes. And that might just be a trade I’d be willing to make, though I’ll save my judgement until after I get a full review.

For those who are interested, the Galaxy A (2017) will be available at Samsung brand outlets nationwide from the 25th of January 2017 onwards. The A7 (2017) will be priced at RM1,899 while the A5 (2017) will be priced at RM1,699. However, these devices will be up for in-store pre-orders from the 6th to 15th of January 2017 at selected Samsung outlets. Customers who place a pre-order with Samsung during that time will receive a pair of Samsung Level U Pro wireless headphones worth RM399.

For online pre-orders, you can check out Samsung online stores in both Lazada and 11street for more information.

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20 Comments for Samsung’s Galaxy A 2017 comes with water resistance, but is it worth it?


Wah camera no ois, seriously a turn off man….


    i buy Samsung for it's camera, without OIS is a major turn off.


i don't know… it's seems overpriced to me…
yeah, sure i'd like to have an IP68 phone (or slightly lower certification). But not at RM 1699/1899. The water-resistant cert does not justify the price in my book.

out of curiousity, can anyone confirm whether these phones have IR-blasters? it seems less and less phones carry them nowadays, although they can be mighty useful.


Yet another sub standard article from Rory.
Is this a review? Or whatever this is. Asking a question at the title but never really attempt to answer it.
And just because "Rory prefers it" doesn't carry much weight you know. Bring on some tangible discussion and not because Rory now needs a water proof phone hence this is worth it.
soyacincau, don't you have more budget to hire someone more qualified?
Sony has tonnes of water proof phone and I always recall that it got bad review from soya


    If you consider Sony as a good phone you are living up to your name. Far from qualified to criticise about mobile.


      I did not.. you assumed without reading properly..
      Rory mentioned that the phone may be worthy because one of the new features now is water proof. if go by that Rory logic, then sony would have tonnes of competing phones, which he did easily dismissed as thrash much of the time, just like you did. samsung is asking quite abit of money as well for their A series, just like the Sony which has nothing much to show then water proofing.
      if he dismissed the Sony as thrash, why would then a A series become worth it?

      he can’t write properly, and you can’t read properly Match made in heaven. continue to read on then.

      I wasn’t being critical about the phone, I was critical about the author, which I am well qualified because I am the reader.


        You should be the one that needs to read properly. The author did not imply the phone was worth it solely being water proof. He did say he will save his judgement until he reviews it so why are you making up your own conclusion in comparison with Sony?


    That’s Rory style la, we also no comment dy

    derek law

    to be fair to Rory, the above article is not a review but more of an introduction with a question. Samsung is obviously trying to justify the high price with the water proof feature which probably cost them extra USD30 but they add on say USD300 more. Give Rory a chance for full review and everyone has their own style of writing.


      His full reviews were usually worse.
      And if is a Samsung, chances are it will be a positive one from him.

      Go and read his previous reviews and see what you think. In my opinion, not very professionally done.
      Style of writing is one thing, being able to objectively review a product and offer insight is not a skill that everyone has.

      If this is a launch piece coverage, then address it as such. And not mix some opinions like a review.
      If he actually put a question at the title of whether the phone is worth it, is only natural that readers expect some insight from him to answer that question, which if you read the article, fell terribly short.

      I can understand the above comparison with some Sony phones. Sony lately charges quite abit for their midrange phones as well. It will be interesting to see how the new A compete against the Sony


      Dunno how many chances
      had given to Mighty Rory the new king of SC


Dunno how many times we kutuk his writing style dy, but nobody give a Damn


Since no OIS, I guess need to tfk lesser.. hands more stable


    Ya man, need to tfk less dyyyy, LOL


    Too late jor if u rely on OIS.. the tfk side effect is permanent.. lolx


      Severe than parkinson


does i comes with led notification?


"1.9GHz Samsung Exynos octa-core processor" doesn't tell anything. I hate when mobile site mention vague term like that. Exynos 7420, 7580, 7870, 8890 all is octa-core but performance between them is worlds apart.

    Rory Lee

    Hi M.K

    That would be my mistake. The initial blurb did not mention the processor model, but I confirmed with Samsung after posting this article that it is an Exynos 7880 processor. However, I forgot to edit the story after the event and I do sincerely apologise for this. Thank you for pointing this out to me, the article has been edited to reflect the processor model.