webe does wireless broadband at RM59/month

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webe was initially launched with a single mobile postpaid plan that provided unlimited calls, SMS and data on a single device. For those who need a SIM for data sharing, webe has finally introduced its webe broadband at RM59/month.

There’s only a single broadband plan option and it comes with 10GB each month. As a limited time promo, webe is also giving additional 20GB quota but it is valid until 28th February 2017. That means you’ll get just 10GB of data beginning 1st March 2017.


Unlike its postpaid plan, the webe broadband comes with free tethering up to 10 concurrent devices. webe isn’t offering any device bundles and you can slot the SIM card into your existing MiFi modems or tablets. There’s no activation fee but a RM50 upfront fee is required during signup. Since it is a data-only SIM, you can’t make calls or SMS with webe broadband. Once you’ve hit your quota limit, speeds will be throttled at 128kbps.

Some of you might be thinking, isn’t this the same as its former P1 W1MAX offering? On the surface it looks like it but webe’s wireless broadband is SIM based and it runs on their new 4G LTE network. As webe is embarking on a network expansion exercise in 2017, it is likely that webe will be switching most of its former P1 WiMAX customers to LTE. You can check if your place is covered with their coverage map.

For more info, head over to the webebroadband page.

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20 Comments for webe does wireless broadband at RM59/month


Crazy meh? Another rm10-rm20 can get more data with unlimited calls. Permanent 30gb also kill lite streamyx/unifi user, how?


    I was wondering if you wiring yourself up with the fixed line cable whenever and wherever you go?


RM59/month 10GB + 20GB until 28Feb 2017.

Good for temporary 2 months run-away home…..


Finally they have to listen to consumers wants.

RM59 for 20GB promo will probably be extended if demand increases.But still there's stiff competition fro DiGi which sells Prepaid BB for RM60 that comes with 15GB+10GB Premium Streaming+10GB Video Streaming.
Hotlink has 5GB all day+8GB Weekends+4GB Youtube+Bundled Calls.
Umobile has UMI50 with 12GB+4GB VideoONZ+Unlimited MusicONZ+Free on-net calls+50mins bundled all-net calls

Webe still has very poor 4G coverage and will not stand a chance against DiGi and Maxis's proven 4G-LTE networks that support 300Mbps/225Mbps speeds. Umobile matches the with bundled calls minutes and unlimited streaming.


    Don't compare data only plan with data+voice lor. u better compare data plan offering from umobile or digi.


      Yes, dont compare data only plan with data+voice plan as service level is different. Its like comparing fixed line broadband with wireless broadband… its insane and stupid.

      Obviously Wanda has very minimum telecom knowledge. He is just another typical Malaysian bargain hunter. He is definitely a fish that only swim to where it got food. He will compare can juice with fresh real food juice.

      Kunta Kinte

      Why not kzm? Both also nearly the same. Like nasi lemak ayam or nasi lemak biasa. same thing what. Only thing another got ayam.

      But you cannot sell the nasi lemak ayam 5x the nasi lemak kosong.

      People like you make broadband companies charge us suka hati


    So it is worth to pay two bills to you?


What is Webe's top up plan rate like? If they price it affordably compared to competition, they might attract more people. DiGi sells 10GB all -day top-up quota for RM25 after your monthly subscription depletes. Maybe try to match them or go lower at RM20 for topping up another 20GB? Burung Hantu used to sell RM5 for 10GB which can only be used between 1am-7am but it was proven unsustainable.


Wonder why cannot compare with SIM that come with Voice + data. It’s about Price /GB. Buy a new hotlink fast SIM for data only. Top Up Rm60 every month. Every Saturday and Sunday free 1GB each for life, LTE only. Weekdays u can buy a 1GB daily pass 3G/4G network, last for 24 hours. The best part is its flexibility. Purchase only when u need to use. best telco network. Why not?


    Really just build your own network if you reject to live in the capaitalism world

Isaac Hii

Hi Editor,

There something with the last paragraph

‘Some are you’ should be ‘some of you’ right?




    Thanks for pointing that out.

Maxis User


Is this new package of webe broadband can carry forward data?


For Broadband plan to Broadband plan comparison, Digi's RM60 has 15GB of quota and if you include the 10GB free stream and 10GB stream on Demand, it's more worth it.

Especially once Webe's quota switches back to 10GB only once the promotion ends.


    just moving out from digi to webe unlimited.. aa aaa…. not going back to digi (RM60 has 15GB)..


for the first 2 months, price per GB is RM2/GB, after that it is RM6/GB, you decide if it is worth it, BTW, 128KB/s is slow, takes quite a while to load a webpage.


sorry guys , why the comparison i see on the SIM itself, does all the SIM can be inserted to a modem? it's wireless broadband right? if SIM then why not go for the RM 79 unlimited data.