MyCelcom Postpaid App is now available

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Celcom is probably the last telco to offer a mobile app for its postpaid customers. With an official app, it would be easier to track on your current usage, billing status and to enable add-ons for your mobile plan.

After having a closed beta program for Android, Celcom is finally pushing their latest app for its postpaid subscribers. You can’t search for it on the Google Play Store so read on to find out how to get it.


The new app is now called MyCelcom Postpaid and it is pretty much the same as the earlier beta version. In terms of usability, the interface is similar to its Xpax app for prepaid customers.

After logging in using your mobile number or OCS login, you can view or pay your outstanding bill, get current data usage and purchase add-ons. It is so much easier than navigating through the *118# menu.

At the moment, this isn’t the final release and the app is only available on the Google Play Store as an “Unreleased” version. From our short usage, the app is quite unstable. If you’re interested, you can download the app here.

Thanks @dinoyong and @KevinNgTK for the tip!

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10 Comments for MyCelcom Postpaid App is now available


Not usable on rooted device..


It's one of the lousiest app compared to the other competitors. The Xpax app I used recently required you to key in unnecessary IC details which I find it odd when users are required to register their lines on point of purchase. I mean why do you need to when you can reset your pin by directly sending it to your number by sms?

The best management app I would say is Umobile's. It works on any internet connection, when you first register, it'll only send the pin to your phone number directly. I can have my SIM inserted inside a modem, and remotely manage my account in my smartphone which uses another internet connection with another telco, monitor my usage and buy subscription plans without needing to swap out the card from the modem.

DiGi also has another convenient solution, you can access your account and manage it via their website even if your modem does not support USSD or Android/iOS apps.

The lousiest apps are now from Celcom and Maxis.


    yes, you are right, i also doing the same thing with Umobile sim.


If you don't believe me, register your Umobile account for the first time with their app to receive your pin via sms directly to your number(make sure you keep it/remember safely for future use), then pull out the SIM from your phone or insert into your modem or keep it somewhere safe. Next proceed to install their app on other Android/iOS devices and use the pin to login. You can remotely check your balance, monitor your usage or buy data plans anywhere as long as you have an internet connection even overseas. A well thought of idea especially those who roams frequently.

However it doesn't work with Xpax, Hotlink or DiGi apps. They need to have the SIM physically inserted into your phone to log into your account, very inconvenient especially if you insert your SIM into modems.


    Seems that the Umobile solution is not so secure as compared to DiGi's application seems.

    In Digi's case, the app allows user to use DiGi's phone number and/or email address as the username. The user can use phone number when the operator SIM is in (auto login) or email address if the operator SIM is not in. Imagine what would happen if someone manage to hold the access to your account.


      It is safe as long as you keep your account pin password properly. The extra convenience actually pleases customers experience for easing their woes than frustration.

      Umobile's login also uses phone number to login just like DiGi except you don't need to have your SIM physically inside your phone when doing so.It is highly useful for those who roam internationally and the benefits do more than its disadvantages.

      So if someone gets hold of your account login in the worst case, he doesn't have your SIM and your account has credit limitations.


not only that, Celcom don't even has official Twitter Account. 🙁


    lol why twitter?

    nowadays must Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Snapchat? Whatsapp? Friendster? Netlog? Myspace??
    why? more channel for you to complaint? not enough with customer service.. then Facebook.. n now u're requesting a Twitter account?

    whats wrong with YOU people of the future?…


Finally,its here!!! Please develop the app better so that users Celcom like us can benefits from this. Very Unstable and sluggish


Celcom more ancient than Maxis and Digi. Digi Apps currently the best.