You can download Super Mario Run on iPhone now!

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It’s finally here! Nintendo’s highly anticipated mobile game for iOS, Super Mario Run, is now available for download from Apple’s App Store.

Super Mario Run was announced back in September alongside Apple’s new iPhones finally sees its official release to the App Store. Unlike previous Super Mario games, this new mobile game for iOS adopts a more smartphone friendly control scheme. Instead of giving you full control of your movement, Super Mario Run only needs you to tap on the screen to jump — the running is done for you.

Alongside this new running mechanic, Mario is also now apparently proficient in parkour…which is amazing. The game is divided into different levels when you have different obstacles to navigate and collect coins. Since you can’t turn around and go backwards anymore, the game instead introduces these ‘pause tiles’ that will stop Mario and let you plan how to tackle complex puzzles in a level.

From our brief run, the game seems really fun because you actually have quests and levels to play through, rather than just being an infinite running sim like Flappy Bird. The graphics look pretty good too which just adds to the fun. And the music, I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome the music is.

The game is free for downloads on the App Store, however, you do have the option for in-game purchases. If you’re interested in downloading it, you can hit up this link — it’ll take about 205MB of space.

Now excuse us as we take our new Italian Plumber for a spin.

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6 Comments for You can download Super Mario Run on iPhone now!


I think the article should sound like this:
Super Mario is now available on iOS.

What? U think only iphone got the privilage? Ipad? Ipod?

kunta kinte

looking forward for this to die out like pokemon go…..


You forgot to mention the fact that this game requires an always on internet connection in order for it to work…


only can play 3 stages (what ever you call), then need to pay to play stage 4…


Why need constant internet connection to play?

Who pirates mobile apps nowadays?

Everyone pays for mobile apps. Come on, Nintendo, please have some faith in mobile users. We pay for apps, music and movies 99% of time.


    If pipu can n like to pirate movie. Do you think pipu won’t pirating apps?