Maxis now offers the iPhone 7 Plus on Zerolution

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The larger iPhone 7 Plus is finally available with Maxis Zerolution. This ownership program allows you to own an iPhone 7 Plus with monthly instalments and with zero deposit upfront. It also gives you the option to swap phones hassle-free each year.

Similar to its earlier iPhone 7 Zerolution offering, the iPhone 7 Plus is tied with their MaxisONE postpaid plans. The monthly instalments (24-months) will vary depending on which plan you’re on.

To be able to swap phones every 12 months, you’ll need to top up RM20/month for the Zerolution upgrade fee. On top of that, they are also offering device protection plan at RM23/month. This covers any accidental damage or theft and you won’t need to worry about paying penalties when you swap your phone for a new one.

The monthly Zerolution fees are as follows:

iPhone 7 32GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM116/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM99/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM80/month

iPhone 7 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM138/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM121/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM102/month

iPhone 7 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM160/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM143/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM124/month

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM141/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM125/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM105/month

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM163/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM147/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM127/month

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM185/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM169/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM149/month

For those who don’t wish to swap phones every 12 months, the standard contract plans are more affordable. As a comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB costs RM2,490 on normal contract with MaxisONE Plan 128 while on Zerolution, the phone would cost you a total of RM3,384 (RM141 x 24 months) excluding any upgrade fee or device protection.

If you’re interested, head over to the iPhone 7 Plus page on their website.

Thanks @ahher for the tip!

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6 Comments for Maxis now offers the iPhone 7 Plus on Zerolution


Out of stock already


By adding monthly fees of device financing under zerolution total payout after 24 months should be higher than RRP?


saya nak beli telefon bayar muka tidak perlu bayar ..bajet rm100 kebawah sebulan..

Muhd hanif

I like to take i fhone 7s plus 128GB
For pay monthly… RM 163/month,
But i just have 2month payslip..

Muhd hanif

hai.. boss saya nak beli i fhone 7s plus 128G.. untuk bulan2.. ape yang harus saya ade.. butiran2 yang harus saya Ada… bole reply


Maxis dah tak simpan stock… lupekan je la…