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Maxis now offers the iPhone 7 Plus on Zerolution


The larger iPhone 7 Plus is finally available with Maxis Zerolution. This ownership program allows you to own an iPhone 7 Plus with monthly instalments and with zero deposit upfront. It also gives you the option to swap phones hassle-free each year.

Similar to its earlier iPhone 7 Zerolution offering, the iPhone 7 Plus is tied with their MaxisONE postpaid plans. The monthly instalments (24-months) will vary depending on which plan you’re on.

To be able to swap phones every 12 months, you’ll need to top up RM20/month for the Zerolution upgrade fee. On top of that, they are also offering device protection plan at RM23/month. This covers any accidental damage or theft and you won’t need to worry about paying penalties when you swap your phone for a new one.

The monthly Zerolution fees are as follows:

iPhone 7 32GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM116/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM99/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM80/month

iPhone 7 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM138/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM121/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM102/month

iPhone 7 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM160/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM143/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM124/month

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM141/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM125/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM105/month

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM163/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM147/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM127/month

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM185/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM169/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM149/month

For those who don’t wish to swap phones every 12 months, the standard contract plans are more affordable. As a comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB costs RM2,490 on normal contract with MaxisONE Plan 128 while on Zerolution, the phone would cost you a total of RM3,384 (RM141 x 24 months) excluding any upgrade fee or device protection.

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If you’re interested, head over to the iPhone 7 Plus page on their website.

Thanks @ahher for the tip!

Alexander Wong