SoyaCincau’s Christmas 2016 Gift Guide

From RM1,300-RM2000

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

It’s unknown what long-term effect Twitter’s shuttering of Vine, or Instagram’s adoption of “Stories” will have on Snapchat’s viability but whether they become mass market or limited edition a pair of Snapchat Spectacles are sure to become hugely sought after accessories this Christmas. Instantly more fashionable than Google Glass and with a purity of purpose that was sorely lacking from Google’s headset (press a button on the side to record a 10 second snap) the only problem with Snapchat’s accessory is that they are only available via a pop-up store in New York City and roaming vending machines in the US.

Buy Snapchat Spectacles from RM570 (plus either the airfare to fly to the US to buy them or the costs of paying a scalper, which could set you back more than RM1,300, to buy them for you and ship them over)

Cozmo Robot

For big fans of Wall-E, Cozmo is the next best thing. A cute little robot, his reactions to the world around him were, in part, designed by former Pixar and Dreamworks animators!  Paired with his smartphone app, he will recognise different people’s faces, say their names, play games with the and will, apparently, even develop a liking for some people more than others.  More than just a simple toy, he will react accordingly whether he wins or loses the games you can play with him. Accordingly yes, perhaps but perhaps not appropriately, as he can lose his temper and storm off.

Based on the video (and numerous reviews) Cozmo is also designed to melt hearts. He’s not cheap but how much would you pay for own mini Wall-E?

Buy Cozmo from RM1,300 

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Samsung Gear S3


Want the best (in both value and features) smartwatch for an Android smartphone to come out in 2016? Well, look no further than the Samsung Gear S3. This Tizen-based smart wearable comes in two flavours — Classic and Frontier — both offering premium build, a big and beautiful Super AMOLED display, plus an intuitive method of navigating between menus and widgets with the rotating bezel. It’s also rugged with an IP68 water resistance and MIL-STD-810G military standard durability rating.


It’s certainly an improvement over the previous Gear S2 smartwatch as it comes with higher-quality rubber standard 22mm bands that are user swappable with easy to remove tabs. You can also make calls, control S Voice, and accurately track fitness metrics with a heart-rate sensor and built-in GPS. Despite all of these features, the watch still boasts about two days of battery life on a single charge. Want to learn more? Check out our full review of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier edition.

Buy the Samsung Gear S3 from at authorised Samsung retailers nationwide RM1,399

PlayStation 4 Slim


While the newer, more powerful PS4 Pro is now available, if you don’t a 4K TV that supports HDR  (or don’t understand any of those terms) then there’s no real point in buying one yet. with a wide library of games and a huge install base, at RM1,349 the Slim is the perfect jumping on point for anyone who doesn’t have a PlayStation of any type and wants to get into modern gaming.

Buy PlayStation 4 Slim  from RM1,349

Apple Watch Nike+ edition


While there’s plenty of smart watches and fitness trackers out there, for the consummate “gearhead” who absolutely must have the latest, best-looking tech and needs to it match their running gear, the Nike+ edition of the Series 2 of the Apple Watch is the only choice. Available in various Nike themed  colours and wristband combinations, the smart watch itself is the same as any other series 2 Apple watch but the Nike + version comes pre-loaded with Nike’s running club app and a set of exclusive watch “faces” that match the style of the strap and support complications (features that appear on the watch face when you take a look at it) that allow users to easily start and track their exercise routines.-

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Buy Apple Watch Nike+ Edition from RM1,649

OneTeslaTS MegaTesla Kit


If you’ve ever wondered in awe at the electrical arcs in old black and white horror movies like Frankenstein or seen videos of people “playing” music on giant Tesla coils, the  One Tesla Musical Tesla Coil brings that magic to your own home! Coming pre-assembled (unlike the smaller Tiny Tesla Coil) the coil can shoot sparks up to 20″ long and can generate sparks in time to “play” songs passed to it in MIDI.

It might be a little late to order in time for Christmas but you can wait until the new year to shot sparks across your living room, right?

Buy OneTeslaTS MegaTesla Kit from RM1,800