Hotlink Fast Prepaid now comes with free calls to 5 friendz

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In addition to its free 8GB 4G weekend data, Hotlink Fast Prepaid is now offering free calls to 5 friendz. This is valid for 5 mobile numbers on Hotlink/Maxis network and if you’re on the new Hotlink Fast Prepaid plan.


For your 5 Friendz, calls are free while SMS are charged at 1 sen each. Meanwhile, calls to others (all local networks) are charged at 15sen/30 sec (30sen/minute) and SMS at 15sen each. To add your favourite 5 contacts, just can dial *100*3*3# and follow the instructions. Adding the first 5 contacts is free but any further amendments are charged at a hefty RM10 per change.

Take note that the free calls offer has a fair usage policy limited to 1,000 minutes per month. Once you’ve exceeded, additional calls will be charged at the normal rate for the remaining days of the month. If you’re on the older prepaid plans, you can switch over to Hotlink Fast by dialling *100*6*1#.

For more information, head over to the Hotlink Fast page.

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3 Comments for Hotlink Fast Prepaid now comes with free calls to 5 friendz


Please note for existing user need to pay RM1 to 'upgrade' to this plan.

Maxis at its best


I rarely even make a single call for the past few months unless it's emergency or cannot be contacted through apps. So won't be even bothering to 'upgrade'. Silly marketing idea. If it ain't broken don't try repairing an already working plan.Maybe be more generous with slightly more data quota for your prepaid plans or improve on your validity days instead?


Yesterday I tried this unlimited call for 5 friends maxis to maxis and I can say its cool… I just want to asked if need to renew this every month or automatic renewal, or how? and how much ? Please explain it further more thanks..