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Experience the iPhone SE like never before with 60GB of data

Posted:  December 6, 2016   By:    10 comments   


This post is brought to you by Celcom FIRST.

The iPhone SE is probably the best compact smartphone you can buy. It gets a top end processor and a 4K-capable 12MP camera in a smaller package. Just because it is smaller in size, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on data.

Now is probably the best time to get an iPhone SE as Celcom is offering it from as low as RM288 with the biggest postpaid plans in town.

From now until 31 January 2017, you can get the iPhone SE at 80% off when you sign up on FIRST Platinum postpaid plan. This is applicable to existing and new customers on Celcom. The FIRST Platinum plan gives the ultimate experience for your iPhone SE.


At RM150/month, the plan gives you a whopping 60GB of data. That’s more than enough for all your web surfing, social and streaming needs. On Celcom, you can enjoy faster and consistent data speeds with its Ultrafast 4G Territory. With its ongoing network modernisation exercise, you can expect stronger connections, less buffering and seamless 4G signal from outside to inside buildings.

Need to talk with your loved ones? Not to worry as the plan gives you unlimited calls and SMS to any mobile and fixed line numbers in Malaysia without worrying about bill shocks. On top of that, you’ll also enjoy unlimited instant messaging on WhatsApp and WeChat.

For non-stop entertainment, Celcom is also offering unlimited music streaming through Yonder Music. Also included is 1 year unlimited access to TV Shows and movies on iflix.

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Do note that the monthly data is split between 30GB weekday and 30GB weekend. If you must have it all, you can always add-on AnydayGB at RM10/month to combine both weekday and weekend data.


The iPhone SE can be yours at RM288 for the 16GB model and RM488 for the larger 64GB capacity version on FIRST Platinum postpaid plan. During sign up, there’s a required upfront payment of RM1,400 which will be rebated fully to your bill on the first month. That should cover your monthly subscription fee for the next 8-9 months if there are no extra charges.

For more info, head over to Celcom’s iPhone SE page.

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10 Comments for Experience the iPhone SE like never before with 60GB of data


Haiseh, another bollocks marketing gimmick. 80% off the phone price but you are required to pay RM1400 upfront for the line plus another RM500 for the phone. This brings the phone total Package total to RM1900.

No doubt the RM1400 upfront payment for the line will be rebated towards for the phone bill for the next coming 8 months. But what about once the 8 months is over? Jeng jeng…..the million dollar question.

You will need to pay RM150 from the 9th month onwards and pay that amount for the remaining 16 months to come as you are tied to a contract.

And to get the RM150 per month package is totally not worth it at all when the phone is only an iPhone SE. If it were to be a iPhone 7 plus than I can see the need to tie us down with the most expensive line package. Even the RM80 line package that most telco offers is more than sufficient when it comes to Data packs.

Must as well, we just purchase the phone with the original price tag and not tying ourselves to any contract. The freedom to change any telco when and wherever we want.

This marketing bollocks from Celcom doesn't gives any strong reason to switch at all. Only a lunatic will buy this kind of marketing.

Celcom, digi and maxis thinks that the consumer are dumb enough not to do the calculation or buy the phone from them without doing any calculation first.


    You'll be surprise how many ppl would buy into this crap


    Maybe my employer is the ‘dumb’ to pay my bills and upfront payment for phone under certain price every 2 years. Free phone for me 🙂 Jangan kena pecat dah lah. LOL


      LOL, Sapik, if your employers pays for your bills and phone that itu lain cerita lah.

      I'm talking about forking your own hard earn cash lah brother.


Stupid fool. You might as well buy a phone and don't sign up any telco. No need monthly repayment.

Kempaguligowda J D.

how can i get i phone SE

how can i get i phone SE


I went to bluecube Alamanda, Mid Valley and The Gardens yesterday (5/12/16) to get this model, but they have no stock. Dah sebulan bluecube online pun takda stock model ni. Tolong check dulu sebelum tolong iklan. Jangan bagi harapan palsu. Haha..


so much data volume but little poor battery life…


so many sponsored post on soyacincau now…


    I don't mind 'Sponsored Posts' now and then… as long as they don't disable the comment.

    Plus, SC need to 'makan' also… since we 'makan' their articles for free, maa.