Hotlink offers 17GB of Internet for RM50/month

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Hotlink has released what it claims to be its biggest internet pass yet. For RM50/month, you can get 17GB of internet plus 100 minutes of calls to any network.


So essentially, this is their new 5GB monthly data pass that costs RM50/month. It comes with 100 minutes of calls plus 4GB of YouTube quota. On top of that, you’ll also get 8GB of weekend data (4G only) which is applicable to all Hotlink Fast users.


So in total, you’ll get 9GB (5GB data + 4GB YouTube) that’s usable at all time and 8GB (4G network only) for the weekends. Take note that you’ll need to redeem your YouTube quota manually by dialling *868# after you’ve activated your monthly internet pass.


The free 4GB YouTube quota is also applicable to its other 3GB (RM38) and 2GB (RM30) monthly pass. They are also giving 300MB YouTube quota if you’re on their 600MB (RM10) weekly pass. If you need more data, Hotlink has booster packs that cost RM12 for 1GB, RM8 for 500MB and RM3 for 150MB. A Hotlink FAST starter pack is priced at RM10 and it comes with RM5 credit (valid for 5 days) and 300MB (valid for 2 days) of data. You can learn more over at Hotlink’s FAST prepaid page.

Is this really the biggest internet plan for prepaid? If you consider yourself a night owl, Xpax Turbo gives you a whopping 19GB of internet for the same amount. A RM50 top up on Xpax Turbo gives you 5GB data + 2GB Facebook + 2GB YouTube plus 10GB of off-peak (1AM-7AM) Burung Hantu data. The problem with Xpax is that the Burung Hantu quota is limited evenly at 333MB/day.

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26 Comments for Hotlink offers 17GB of Internet for RM50/month


Does this eligible for Hotlink accounts that are under Hotlink-365 (ALWAYS ACTIVE
Validity 365) plan?


    Don't think so because you need to have access to Maxis 4G for the FREE 8GB weekend quota. Hotlink-365 is for free all year round social messaging with free basic 64kbps speed?(I might be wrong)
    The only Maxis prepaid plan with 4G access is FAST plan?


      i think you mean #hotlink plan, #hotlink gets 4G access too.
      for hotlink 365 there's no free basic 64kbps, it's pay as u use if you dont get any data passes


    This is only applicable for Hotlink FAST plan.


To me, they just give more data for YouTube but no more Spotify.


    I don't quite dig Spotify. Very limited Far East music content. Wish that Line Music would come to Malaysia.Currently they are only available in Japan and Thailand. If you're into Japanese and Chinese music, all these Spotify or Deezer won't appeal much to you. Closest match that might interest you is KK Box.


      there are a lot J-pop now…Spotify already launch i Japan last month. Chinese song is quite abundance too.


Not even close to what DiGi Broadband is offering. Segmented quota allocation might not appeal to many.

17GB is not all day based unlike DiGi Broadband or Umobile P70 plans.
You only get 5GB all day with another 8GB split on weekeends 1GB for each Sat and Sun. Also applies only to Maxis 4G network. If you use on a 3G network during weekend, your quota will be deducted from main all day quota??? Also additional 4GB can only be used for Youtube.

So yeah not even close to what DiGi or Umobile's offerings.


    Comparing a prepaid plan vs broadband and postpaid plan? Sounds legit.


      It doesn't matter how the telco name their plans. Most importantly what the consumers want is how much savings they can achieve with their internet bills.

      Unlike TM who thinks they could trick consumers that they are adding value by doubling speeds but keeping prices the same.Having spent billions in tax payers money to build a national fibre network but out-price themselves to competitors who didn't even receive help at all. Why should Malaysians consumers continue to spoonfeed these bunch and tolerate their nonsense?


        Hotlink Fast definitely appeals to me. Is there any postpaid plan that costs RM30 a month and offers 2gb data, plus 4gb YouTube plus free weekend 4G (1gb every Sat and every Sun)?

        Moved from a postpaid plan to this, many months back. No regrets especially since 4G coverage is good where I go.


        Yeah does not matter what they are named. Shampoo, body foam and facial wash are all the same. For your information, broadband plans don’t let you make calls and SMS. I bet you also say coverage doesn’t matter because 4G, 3G and 2G all have Gs.


          You must be a special kind of stupid. shampoo is not the same as body foam or facial wash.They all have different use and functions. Just because you have a keyboard doesn't mean you can type any dumb thing.
          Prepaid is DIFFERENT from POSTPAID.




        Broadband plan are internet oni data plan. why do u need to compare with prepaid voice plan + data?

Derek Law

what is the min amount to maintain this Hotlink Plan if you only want DATA and not for calls / sms. Want a back-up DATA only plan?

Just pay RM50 a month and get to use the up to 17 GB plan plus some calls of up to 100 min?

TELCO making all the plans more complicated with half disclosures.


    Just top up RM50 every month. Prepaid is like postpaid but you pay in advanced. Top up more balance if you make phone calls.


pretty good no?
how's the 4g coverage in kl and selangor?

with 2GB every weekend, i can share my hotspot

Calvin Dee

Hoping they’ll update the Hotlink EC/EM plan as well

Jay Freddy

this is more ridiculous plan. no more unlimited burung hantu. complicated plans telco. ah! frustrating!

ashary bin abdul jalil

i already buy 17GB of internet for RM50 butni still dont have 8GB free every week end.
why? please give it to me


    sbb ko dh kene tipu dgn maxis/hotlink. 8gb free setiap minggu tuh hanya free melalui liputan 4g shj. pakai lg maxis hotlink kene tipu berbelit2. plan berbelit belit org xlayan la.


    keling maxshit hotkeling apa bagai ni plannya berbelit belit mcm tokey dia ananda krishnan

sd roman

8GB plan unlimited calls, can call bangladesh?

sd roman

Unlimited calls plan can call Bangladesh