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Digi offers free video streaming on their new Broadband Plans


If you love watching your TV series and movies at home, Digi has introduced its new 4G broadband plans that come with free video streaming. This is similar to U Mobile’s Video-ONZ, where you can stream your video content without consuming your normal data quota.

At the moment, the free streaming service covers 19 partners which include YouTube, Dailymotion and audio channels from Astro and MediaPrima. On top of that, all new subscribers will get free 30-day access for 11 premium channels on Astro on the go as well as 2 months access to iflix worth RM20.

The new Digi Broadband Plans are priced at RM30 for 6GB, RM60 for 20GB and RM100 for 50GB. There isn’t much details on the broadband plans and free streaming service at the moment. It is likely that there would be a data split between on-peak and off-peak hours similar to its current offering.


UPDATE: For postpaid, Digi’s RM60 broadband plan gives you 15GB all day data + 5GB of video streaming quota. Meanwhile, its RM100 broadband option comes with 40GB of all day data with 10GB of video streaming quota. The RM30 for 6GB plan is available only on prepaid and it doesn’t come with any video streaming quota. Although the video streaming service isn’t unlimited, at least you can use your broadband quota at anytime without the annoying weekend or off-peak split.


The free video streaming is limited to just YouTube and Dailymotion. So watching videos from Netflix, iflix, Astro on the go and HyppTV will consume your stream on demand data bucket. Overall, it is quite confusing as Digi has a separate “Stream FREE” and “Stream on Demand” quota. Digi promises that you’ll never use up your internet quota on “Stream FREE” but it never mentions that it is unlimited.

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UPDATE 2: Digi’s free streaming is limited at 10GB per month. Below is a screenshot on Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid plan.

More info should appear soon on Digi’s broadband page.

Alexander Wong