MaxisONE Plan gets a huge upgrade up to 30GB extra

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Just when you thought Maxis is keeping quiet with the recent postpaid price war, they have just announced yet another massive upgrade for its MaxisONE Plan. This applies across the board and you get a minimum of 20GB on the base MaxisONE Plan 98.


Following the trend of most postpaid plans, Maxis is also doing an all-day and weekend data split for its data quota. At the very least, you get more data for all day use. Do note that the weekend data is for 4G only and you can use it freely without any weekly splits. You do get unlimited calls and unlimited SMS across all options.

MaxisONE 98 5GB -> 20GB (10GB all-day + 10GB weekend)
MaxisONE 128 10GB -> 30GB (15GB all-day + 15GB weekend)
MaxisONE 158 15GB -> 40GB (20GB all-day + 20GB weekend)
MaxisONE 188 20GB -> 50GB (25GB all-day + 25GB weekend)



For MaxisONE Share (RM48/month), each line gets 5GB of all-day data plus additional 5GB of weekend data. Maxis allows all principal and supplementary lines to share their quota with their DataPool feature however this is only applicable for all-day bucket. Any data on the weekend bucket will not be shared across other lines.

Maxis says that all customers will be upgraded beginning 15 until 18 November 2016 and the extra quota is permanent for life. For more info, head over to the MaxisONE plan page.

The postpaid space is getting more competitive than ever. For RM80/month, both Digi and Celcom offers 20GB/month. Meanwhile, U Mobile is still holding on with its P70 and P98 postpaid plans that offer 15GB and 30GB respectively. Even new comer webe has just thrown a new promotion offering everyone unlimited data, calls and SMS for RM79/month.

What do you think of these new plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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71 Comments for MaxisONE Plan gets a huge upgrade up to 30GB extra


Still not as attractive as other telcos.


    I agree with u… even I am maxis user.. but celcom offer better.. honestly to compare.. unless maxis reduce to 80 ringgit n offer 10+10 then still consider ok…


      go for celcom then


Now add in free data use for roaming like u mobile and it will be perfect


    Agreed. If U mobile can do it, why can't long time telco like maxis do it?
    Don't have to be over the top, Just 1GB of free roaming will do. I just need to stay in touch while i am traveling, not streaming youtube by the beach.


      Because U Mobile don’t spend much money to increase their 4g tower. Just give more data to get customers without thinking of expanding. You try U Mobile then you will understand.


        already port from Maxis to Umobile, no regret at all, furthermore it is very convenient when travelling to Asean country which i can continue to surf.


Should give 20gb on all day instead of 10+10.. celcom offer to add 10 ringgit just to convert from 10+10 to become 20gb and Celcom is more stable.. I use maxis for more than 10 years but few years suffer here intermittent even I use 4g iPhone in KL building..


    Bodoh Maxis. Company crony ni. Makan nasi lemak dan minum teh 8x sehari


    No problem using Maxis, signal quite stable nowadays not like 2-3 years before especially inside building.. Long time Maxis customer too. Just upgraded my plan to MOP98 from TalkMore28+BB68.


hooray .. thanks maxis


Thank you Maxis who have the best coverage and Internet speed among all the players out there.


Maxis 4G pocket wifi broadband also increase data .


Incomplete sentence in your 2nd last para, Alex San.

For RM80/month, both Digi and Celcom ???? i think you should mention the size of the data here.


    Thanks for pointing that out. It has been fixed.


Better than nothing. I am on their zerolution thingy till June 2018. Also have a share line for my daughter. Will consider celcom after ending the zerolution period.


Typical Maxis Kedekut plan …. 10GB for weekend only on 4G connection, if not yur weekday quota will be consumed instead… Not sincere giler..

    life's godd

    digi also same, weekend if signal fallout from 4G, then weekday quota will be consume. digi also a cheater.


    it means that i just not free quota, but also support 4g..
    if not stated 4g, people willl assume that free quota will not support by 4g.


    it means that i just not free quota, but also support 4g..


im sup line get to enjoy how many gb extra ya?? 5gb?


    Each line gets 5GB of all-day data plus additional 5GB of weekend data. Originally it is just 5GB.


Why Maxis is forever playing catching up? giving just because they have to…
Come out with something that's hard to resist, don't blindly copy other competitors. I for one hate the weekday weekend split quota.
Come out with something more attractive for the RM60-RM80 range please. Not everyone wants to pay Rm100+


    No telco will drop price. If they have been getting RMXX, no way they want to reduce that flow of money each month. What they can do is give you more so that you continue paying same amount. You as a user can go for cheaper plan since they give more data. If you use MOP128 and only use 10GB, then go downgrade to MOP98.


    Believe me, it won't happen. They already hit by a falling subscriber & don't want to affect its bottomline. ARPU is all matters just like TM won't lower their pricing, but increase the speed instead.


    Agreed…Used to be Maxis "loyal" customer…but already switch to CELCOM. Just don't like their "BS" customer strategy.


    then go for the 98 plan


Weekend only 4g? Without 4g coverage? Have to pay for it if browsing via 3g during weekend?


    Use all day data.


      are u sure about that

Satay celup

Maxis is not the clear leader, I see the main ones are DiGi and Webe where they are fighting for competitive market share, maxis is no longer for all, they are going Premium to fight Celcom.
I think it’s no point of maxis to upgrade the plans since Everyday people like us who wants value for money are not their main target.
I’m on a DiGi 50 plan and that gives me 5+5GB, unlimited chat, music + iflix Netflix streaming, and all the occasional goodies. Win.


gone are the days of people paying over RM50 a month for mobile fees.


    Isn't that obvious? during that time there is no free call+sms n obviously no internet data


Maxis thinks we are fools. We should all reject the upgrade and demand lower rates. I’m calling Maxis to not upgrade my plan. Who is with me?


    go change plan la weii..loser


    Such loser..dont like then change telco la..

digi user

i think most telco will just copy and paste from competitor, not really innovative nowadays, in past one year, digi also not so, only until late few month. at least some good plan really out so as to defense the market share.


Digi and celcom doesn't give free sms? i dont see anything about free sms in their website for their rm80


    Celcom got but it is only for First Platinum users….but for me SMS is not necessary because i think nowadays,peoples love chatting in Whatsapp and Wechat…i mean social media apps la…they provided unlimited Whatsapp as well…so for me,it is no issue…chill…..


I think this is very good with competition. I personally ported out of Maxis once to try Celcom when their price war started and it was a dam big regret.

Maxis is slightly more expensive. But you are paying for a premium coverage and speed I truly believe. You don’t spend a billion ringgit on asset improvement for nothing.

Good move, Maxis. Not necessarily cheaper than the rest, but well played.


    i also ported out from Maxis to Celcom. at least in my usual area, i paid cheaper with better speed, connection stability. i, for once think Maxis just overprice with mediocre quality.


    I tried Maxis, Celcom, Digi once. In KL generally got no problem with all. Once I go balik kampung in rural Johor, Digi got no line at all, Celcom got HSPA, Maxis got 4G. My cousin using umobile got HSPA.

    When I tested in KK town in general, 4G coverage is excellent in town area for Maxis, not so much for the rest. but Celcom still got coverage at least Edge even in rural area and remote island, when all other telco got no line.

    I guess it depends on where are you frequented the most. You want stable faster internet, go Maxis. Want value for money, go for Umobile. Want broader coverage, go for Celcom.


    agreed. they dont have to follow all small player


    Yes you're right. My job requires connecting to VPN servers located in SG. I was using Celcom 4G that day in the early morning hours of 1-2am. Without VPN enabled, my speedtest result was like 20Mbps.

    After connecting to my company's VPN in Singapore hosted in Equinix on Softlayer's network, you know what was my speed? 1-2Mbps.

    Celcom truuly lousy. No point giving a lot of quota, I found out you're desperately throttling very hard on Openvpn connections limiting them to average speeds of less than 1Mbps even on your 4G network.

    Forever maxis with maxis..its true their plan is a bit expensive..but there are term of coverage and least for me..most of the bashing here coming from people that using other plan..i think u just use watever telco that suitable with ur usage n area..its free country


Been a lifelong Maxis user. I’m really glad for this. Thanks for the summary.


Great, now even more data, nice move maxis!


Some good news from Maxis

Sad that Spotify is not free anymore

    One plan user

    I don’t care about the extra 10gb weekend data. I WANT MY SPOTIFY BACK!


      IKR!, Most of us are tethered to office and home wifi anyway..Even if they subsidised it.say 5 bucks a month…i wouldn't mind….without just seems needlessly expensive…


        how can u say Spotify expensive when Spotify actual price is RM14.90? at least Maxis giving 3GB data for Spotify.


Give upgrade, but still people will complain. Wish Maxis give the option to user not to get the free upgrade so that unhappy user can stay in their existing plan or switch telco. Just sayin'


    he just give his opinion…. we cant give our own opinion?


    I’ve switched to Celcom since the 1st maxis fiasco. No regret. And this is a free country. Everyone is entitled to free speech and opinion.


    For me their price are way too expensive. I'm student need to use more data during studies. I use them before I port out to cel. I got more internet and I also can watch movie. If my friends asked for hotspot also can because can share the data. 60GB maaaaaaaa, so many things I can make with that 60GB. Huhuhu


Agree, not everyone wants to pay RM100+. Hence for those that dont want, pls switch to other telco.


Maxis always want their customer to have piece of mind when making call, sms and using data unlike other telco. I am so happy as i am a shareline of my family package. Guest what, i share line with all my cousins, and we form one family lines.


Wow~ Maxis ONE Plan upgraded…
And it is also called "Expensive ONE Plan"..


still very expensive.. gg maxis..


    gg maxis with millions of profit.. gg u with nothing gaga


      gg till d end.. hahhahah


I used to think Maxis services were overpriced but after trying them out recently again after many years of avoiding them, I would say their network quality is superior compared to the other telcos.

Most of their LTE network coverage already support LTE-A Category 6 devices which no other telco except DiGi stands in their way. Their network uptime is superb with 99% uptime at my home area. You get to enjoy fast speeds all day long consistently even at the most peak hours on weekends.

You really get what you pay for and I think their market caters to the higher income level Malaysians who doesn't want to settle anything for less. You might say their offerings are only 1/2 of the other competitors, but to be able to have almost no downtime, consistent speeds anytime and fastest available network, those who can afford will never complain.

    Forever maxis

    yes..this is how a clever person talk..dont compare a perodua n BMW..perodua is enough for short distance and rarely travel person..but bmw is better for people that can afford it and want the extra THING that it can offer..but both still a car..


Actually I noticed Celcom 4G is throttling their users hard with their VPN connections which is illegalmove when people are already paying by the quota volume. They have no right to impose fair usage policies on users when they are already charged by the quota. I'm very certain of this because that day I connected to my company's VPN based in SG hosted in among the world's most high bandwidth servers with 10G ports. The speeds I got was not even 1Mbps when without VPN my speedtest would give over 20Mbps in the early morning on a weekday at around 3am.

Then I suspected something was amiss so I used a unsecure html proxy and tried downloading from the same site, it went from dialup speeds to over 10folds in speed. So why are you throttling OpenVPN connections Celcom? Can't get enough even with selling quotas? Are you selling out your customer's privacy? Do you have customer ethics?


    I dont think it is illegal some telco even block some VPN.


      No, it is really illegal to block users when they are paying by volume based quota. The telco has no right to say users are hogging bandwidth because the quota based policy is already preventing excessive abuse. With the case of Webe and unlimited quota based plans, if you implement this it's understandable to maintain a service level quality fair to others but not quota based plans. It only gives your company a bad reputation of blaming your customers who feed you and paint a dishonest picture of yourself.

      Even if I use VPN or secure HTTPS, I'm still consuming my quota which limits my usage the same way I would not. So what is the aim that you're implementing VPN blocking? By using VPN to download, I'm not only covering myself but also doing a favor to cover my ISP from being served legal notices. So why? There's no reason for an ISP to throttle users when you're already charging by quota volume.Unless you have other motives such as to steal user's privacy and push illegal marketing ads to specific group, the actual aim is to practice media dictatorship or silencing critics.


        gg maxis, mostly ppl use vpn trick to bypass their quota using vpn previously, thats why they set rule to cap the vpn speed. That also capped legal user that use quota to access vpn.. gg maxis firewall and network team, they cant compete with digi… with digi you can still using openvpn and quota deducted, no capping issue 🙂


          That glitch used on Maxis has been patched quite some time already ever since they took down that landing portal site. Now Maxis, DiGi and Umobile all consume quota traffic whether you use VPN or not.So, we consumers are legally using every single byte that is intended as we paid upfront for it.

          The telco in question now is Celcom.I think they were being lazy or mistakenly included their own Celcom and Xpax customers to share same DPI firewall ruling as Webe which is unfair to those already on quota limit. For Webe go ahead and implement it, since users are under FUP not to abuse their unlimited traffic to slow the rest down due to the roaming agreement they share with Celcom's 3G network.

          Just want to remind Celcom that we are not Webe so don't apply the same ruling as Webe on us because your customers are already using quota based plans, out traffic has higher priority over Webe which is under FUP(fair usage policy) with unlimited use.

          You want to block VPN to avoid your Webe customers from tethering or doing excessive P2P dowloading with their unlimited plans please don't include your Celcom or Xpax Prepaid users in your throttling, our quota plans are paid upfront.Celcom, you have a reputation to keep don't let your sister company Webe pull you down with them.


Give maxis users Spotify back.


    U can still subscribe to Spotify using Maxis. It is still there. U know that last time "Free Spotify Premium" is promotion rite? promotion do end though..


Copycat Maxis plan!