Sony Xperia X Compact review: Eggs in the wrong basket

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In modern times, Sony Mobile is king of the compact smartphone market. Nobody really makes flagship-tier Android smartphones that are smaller than 5 inches anymore. Sony dominated because their compact devices were only smaller than their full-sized counterparts in size, not performance.

However, with the recent release of the Sony Xperia X Compact here in Malaysia, some are fairly disappointed with what the handset has to offer.

And honestly, can you really blame them? Inside the X Compact, you get a mid-tier processor, an average amount of RAM encased in a plastic outer shell.

The X Compact also ditches one of the most popular features on a Sony handset but I suppose that’s not too surprising since the smartphone it’s based on doesn’t have it either.

Then we come to the one thing the smartphone is supposed to shine at — its camera. Sony developed a brand new camera system for the X Compact but was it worth it? If you ask me, I think Sony chose the wrong basket to put all their eggs in.

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14 Comments for Sony Xperia X Compact review: Eggs in the wrong basket


Sony really need to fire their mobile division and get a new team. Nothing spectacular with a huge price.


    soya always recently condemn all Sony phones. Why? Sony never sponsor or advertise with you huh?


      Sony don’t need you to protect them from criticism. A lot of reviewer have the same opinion but Sony refuse to listen. I’m a Xperia user since the first Z.


Z5 compact still better buy? (around rm1600 now)

Derek Law

Wow, rm2k for a SD650 chip in a 4.6 screen with only HD Resolution.

Very strong weed that Sony guys are smoking. Where can I buy it, wanna hallucinate sometimes when I am too stressed

orang biasa

Although i have no doubt that sony phone is good to me. But now the latest flagship cost more then other competitors. Very disappointed of sony phone now. Think next to look for other brand…


RM2K can buy four redmi note 3. Rip Sony.


    Huh, I know the phone has a ridiculous price for what it is.
    But comparing with a budget note device for a compact?
    Maybe not a good metaphor.

    There is really not many compacts with goodspec around. So in a way, sony thought they have a niche and could charge a premium for it. I mean, just the camera alone, which compact phone can claim to have such a high camera spec? If this is what you have been looking for, then is not expensive (because there is nothing else out there)


Looks like Sony no longer able to squeeze flagship specs into compact size anymore… Move on..


Love the small factor but wish the x compact are 1k cheaper. Maybe I will not hesitate to buy the x compact if there were no rm849 redmi note 3 that used the same processor. Xiaomi can u please make a 4.6inch phone will u?


All iphone camara are product by sony
So sony camara are best


I feel sad for Sony. They have stopped making affordable phones like the E, T and M series so they can focus on making better high end phone. Sadly the flagship are also disappointing. Soon they better sell off like their PC business.

Ah Debieu Junior Arthur

i’d like to sony xperia x


cool lah!