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7 Reasons why U Mobile is the best way to own an iPhone 7

This post is brought to you by U Mobile.

The mighty iPhone 7 has arrived and there are plenty of ways to get it in Malaysia. If you’re looking for the best deal, look no further. U Mobile is still the best way to buy the latest iPhone and here are 7 reasons why.

1. Own any iPhone from just RM88/month


Don’t want to fork out huge sum of cash upfront? U Mobile lets you own your dream iPhone 7 with RM0 upfront and 0% interest on UPackage. You can take home an iPhone 7 of any capacity (32GB, 128GB or 256GB) for only RM88/month for the first year. The bigger iPhone 7 Plus can be yours too for just an extra RM20/month. To learn more, visit U Mobile’s UPackage page.

2. Most affordable iPhone 7 plans in Malaysia


Most telcos bundle their iPhone 7 with expensive plans of at least RM98/month. On U Mobile, there are more affordable options from as low as RM40/month to RM130/month. All plans come with bundled data, calls and SMS. In addition, U Mobile is offering extra Video-Onz quota for all your video streaming needs.

3. Lowest cost of ownership for data and unlimited calls all-in

Having a subsidised iPhone 7 is only half the story. When you include both subscription fees and device price, you’ll find that U Mobile offers the lowest cost of ownership among all telcos in Malaysia.

On U Mobile, owning an iPhone 7 32GB on i90 plan costs just RM4,579 (with 6% GST) while Digi and Celcom cost at least RM4,706 and RM4,675 respectively. Below is a detailed comparison of the lowest postpaid plans with unlimited voice calls for each iPhone 7 model.

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4. Best instalment plan without locking your credit limit

UPackage isn’t your average 0% interest instalment plan. Unlike other EPP plans, U Mobile does not lock up your card’s credit limit upfront. You’ll be billed accordingly each month and this frees up your credit card for other expenses.

5. Hear the difference with WiFi Calling


Digi have just introduced VoLTE that delivers crystal clear voice calls for iPhone but that only works if you’re on their 4G LTE network. U Mobile has WiFi Calling and it works on any WiFi network. So even if your reception is less ideal, you still can make voice calls loud and clear over a WiFi connection.

That’s not all, you can also use WiFi Calling to call back Malaysia without incurring roaming charges. Incoming calls are free and you can call Malaysian numbers at local rates when traveling overseas.

6. No Data Roaming charges in 12 countries


U Mobile also lets you stay connected in 12 countries for free with its Data Backpack. Instead of paying daily roaming rates, you can stay connected using your home data quota in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and more. Now that’s more freedom for traveling.

7. Still cheaper than buying outright

Dislike contracts? U Mobile is the only telco in Malaysia that offers the iPhone 7 on prepaid.

During registration, you’ll need to pay for the subsidised iPhone price + upfront payment + top up RM159 to your prepaid account. Even with all that included, it is still cheaper than retail price.

An iPhone 7 32GB costs just RM3,027 all-in instead of RM3,199 and an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB can be yours for RM4,458 instead of RM4,799. Check out the comparison below:

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You can continue with the prepaid plan or stop at any time since it isn’t tied to a contract. Do note that you’ll lose out on the monthly rebates should you decide to terminate early.

Whether it is postpaid or prepaid, outright or on instalments, nobody offers the iPhone 7 better than U Mobile. For more information, visit U Mobile’s iPhone 7 page.