Digi offers 50% extra quota on its prepaid internet add-ons

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Digi has bumped up its prepaid mobile internet by offering 50% more quota for its data add-ons. For RM28/month, you get a combined 7GB of data that’s valid for a full month.


For the base RM28/month option, you get 3GB of data (up from 2GB) and 2GB each for both video and music streaming. The higher RM38 and RM48 options give you 4.5GB and 7.5GB of data respectively along with 2GB + 2GB quota for video and music streaming. Digi lets you use these data allocations on both 3G and 4G networks.

As a comparison for a RM30/month add-on, Hotlink gives you 4GB (2GB data + 2GB YouTube) and it’s similar to Xpax with 4GB but it gets a different split of (2GB data + 1GB Facebook + 1GB YouTube). On U Mobile’s UMI 30 add-on, you get a combined 5GB (2.5GB data + 2.5GB video-onz) of internet.

The list of supported Digi Music and Video freedom platform are as follows:

The add-on internet plans are applicable for both Digi Prepaid LiVE and Prepaid Best subscribers. Once subscribed, it will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis. Take note that the 50% extra quota is offered as a time-limited promo.

For more info, visit Digi’s Prepaid Internet add-on page.

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12 Comments for Digi offers 50% extra quota on its prepaid internet add-ons


im confused. is this better than umobile u28 ?


    U28 is postpaid, this one is for the prepaid, nevertheless it better than umobile in every edge including the coverages and services.


      oh yeah. digi RM28 gives 3GB + 2GB video + 2GB music
      umobile gives 3GB + 3GB Videos

      digi RM38 is most compelling !


        Can you really finish the 2gb for music?


          Yes i can because i usually stream my youtube overnight when i sleep for meditation


          Ur utube consuming music quota or video quota or both?


          yes, when spotify.

        Syukri Lajin

        Umobile’s video onz also covers facebook and twitter apps usage. I finished the video onz limit first without even using the main data bandwidth,and i don’t even use youtube while on mobile data.

Barry Allen

how long is this promo?


I guess what UMobile UMI plan lack of is the music streaming portion… UMobile only has Video ONZ and not Music ONZ.

Sharulnizam bin abu bakar

Sd 2 apartment bdr Sri damansara

Sharulnizam bin abu bakar

How long this promotion lasts..