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Webe’s unlimited postpaid plan is now RM79/month for everyone


Webe, TM’s mobility arm is throwing a new limited time promotion for its unlimited everything postpaid plan. Originally priced at RM199, the webe postpaid plan is now offered at only RM79/month to everyone including non-TM subscribers.


Previously, webe is offered from RM79/month but only if you fulfill two conditions. One, you’ll need to be an existing TM customer (P1/Streamyx/Unifi) and secondly, you have to use a “webe certified” phone. Just because your phone supports FDD LTE 850MHz, doesn’t necessary mean that it is certified by webe. For example, at time of posting, the Huawei P9 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 are certified but the Huawei P9 and Xiaomi Mi 5 isn’t. You can refer to the list of certified phone here.

To recap, the webe postpaid plan gives you unlimited data, local calls and SMS. However, tethering will cost you RM6 for 2 hours of usage which can be enabled from the webe app. With this new promotion, you get RM120 off its normal rate which brings down the monthly subscription to RM79/month. During registration, you’ll need to pay an upfront payment of RM106 which will be used to offset your bill.


For supplementary lines, webe offers a discount based on the number of lines you register. For the 2nd line, it will cost RM69/month and it can go down to RM49/month for the 4th line onwards.

It makes more sense for webe to extend its RM79/month offering to the public since consumers are getting spoiled with huge data quotas for less than RM100/month. U Mobile currently offers 30GB on its Hero Postpaid P98 while Digi now offers 20GB of data (10GB + 10GB weekend) for RM80/month. Celcom too has revamped their FIRST postpaid offering with 20GB of data (10GB + 10GB weekend) for RM80/month and 40GB of data (20GB + 20GB weekend) for RM98/month. Furthermore, all the other telcos allow you to tether your internet with no extra charges.

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For more info, head over to webe’s website.

Alexander Wong