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The new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard puts the soft in Microsoft


Alongside Microsoft‘s big announcement of the Windows 10 Update and their brand new Surface Studio all-in-one PC, the company has also released an entire line of brand new Surface accessories including two keyboards and a mouse.

By far the coolest looking one is the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard which sports the ergonomic shape you would usually find on one of these keyboards. That means the centre is slightly raised, arching the entire thing for a more pleasant typing experience that won’t put as much stress on your hands.

What’s more, the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard ships with a cushioned palm rest that just looks so soft and comfortable to rest your palm on. In fact, with the colour scheme, it kind of looks like a pillow. Not sure how good it would be for our hot weather, though, considering cushion isn’t the best at dispersing heat. It’s also wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.


Of course, you could opt for the regular keyboard which does not ship with a cushion nor does it have the fancy arch of the Ergonomic Keyboard. However, it is worth noting that the keys on the keyboard don’t look like they’ve particularly good travel.


Finally, there’s also a Surface Mouse, which also comes in the same slate colour, or the sky over London colour, as I like to call it, that will undoubtedly go well with your surface device. It’s just a Bluetooth mouse, nothing special here except for the fact that it ships with every Surface Studio which you can’t buy yet.

In fact, you can’t buy any of these things yet as they’re only up for pre-order even in the United States. The Surface Keyboard is priced at USD99.99 (around RM416) and Ergonomic Keyboard will both go for USD129.99 (around RM514) while the Surface Mouse will be priced at USD49.99 (around RM208).

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So far, there’s no information on if these devices will hit Malaysian shores, but at least you can start planning your dream Surface desk right now…if you’re into that sort of thing.