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Oh dear, Apple just leaked the new MacBook Pro


Remember that big event we were all looking forward to this Thursday (well, Friday for Malaysians) where Apple was going to reveal all the cool things they’ve done to the new MacBook Pro? Well, it looks like Cupertino made a boo-boo and revealed two hidden images of its upcoming MacBook Pro in macOS Sierra’s 12.1 update.


These images were first discovered by MacRumours and they seem to confirm the fancy new display on the top of the keyboard that replaces the current function keys. The picture depicts a person confirming an Apple Pay purchase with their fingerprint via Touch ID which is located at the top right corner of the display.

The rest of the panel looks like its all screen that looks like it should change what’s being displayed depending on the context of what’s running. While most people probably won’t miss the function keys too much, the biggest omission right now looks like the physical Esc key. Instead, you get a big ‘Cancel’ image being displayed at the top left corner of the display.

Now we don’t know if this ‘Cancel’ is always going to be there or not, but even if it is, we think that many would still miss a physical escape key.


There is one other thing to note too, if you look at the above image. The right corner where the Touch ID sits is also a different colour from the rest of the panel which should mean that that particular portion of the new display is different from the rest of the panel. Sapphire glass perhaps?

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Besides that, TechCrunch also noted that the keyboard on this new MacBook Pro looks very similar to the one currently on the 12-inch MacBook. This could mean that the rumours of the new MacBook Pro featuring Apple’s butterfly keyboard could be very true too.

Other rumours, like whether the new MacBooks will be running Skylake processors, whether there will be a pressure sensitive trackpad, whether it will ditch all its ports and stick to USB Type-C or even whether it will have a 3.5mm headphone jack remains unconfirmed.

Only one thing’s for sure: All will be revealed at Apple’s big launch event this Friday, 1am local Malaysian time.