TuneTalk now has an yearly data plan with 36GB of data

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If you don’t like topping up your prepaid every single month, TuneTalk now has a plan just for you. They have just introduced a new plan that offers 36GB of data that’s valid for one full year.


Offered at RM288, you get 36GB of data per year which is equivalent to 3GB/month. Of course, you can use as much as you want from your quota without any restrictions. For lite users, this is quite a bargain considering it cost just RM8/GB but the downside is that you would need to pay a huge sum up front.

UPDATE: The validity of yearly data plan does not include validity of the prepaid account. Topping up RM300 will grant 300 days validity or you have the option to pay RM28 to keep your line valid for one year.

Overall, it is still great value for data users as you won’t need to burn RM28 just to keep your line valid for a full year. To activate this plan, just SMS “36GB ADD” to 2222. To stop, just send “36GB STOP” to the same number. Do note that you’ll be charged 10 sen for each SMS.


In addition, TuneTalk is also running its top up freebies promotion. If you top up RM50 and above, they will give you additional 2GB of data and 100 minutes of voice calls for free that are valid for 15 days. According to the FAQ, this 36GB yearly plan offer is valid for subscription until 30th November 2016. So if you plan to subscribe, you better act quick.

For more info, head over to TuneTalk’s Datatatata page.

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14 Comments for TuneTalk now has an yearly data plan with 36GB of data


this telco thinks we are all assholes!


RM288 for 36gb? Thanks but no thanks.

Derek Law

Don’t understand why some of you are so upset.

Take U Mobile 3Gb plan going for RM28 which is one of the cheapest in the market.

Just ignore the free video ONZ of 3GB, and just assume it’s only basic 3GB

ON an annual basis, you get 36Gb but you need to pay RM28 * 12 = RM336

ITS more expensive than RM288 but of course, the amount is paid progressive over 12 mths

Still this plan is one of the cheapest right.


    how can u ignore Video Onz?
    ur just oozing crap


Wah burger! I so hungry wan!

    Lord Alfred Dickson Cockinballs, Sr.

    There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.
    “Mahatma Gandhi”


      Hello, what you talk?


Hi. The statement below is not true:
Overall, it is still great value for data users as you won’t need to burn RM28 just to keep your line valid for a full year.

Referring to the comment on link below, 1 Year Validity is not included in the plan.: https://www.facebook.com/tunetalk/photos/a.430499…

GRexer Lee I was wondering, is this a limited time promotion? Also, do we have to purchase 365 Days Validity separately for this? Or is the RM288 already inclusive of 1 year validity?
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Tune Talk
Tune Talk Yes GRexer Lee, this plan is valid to subscribe before 30 November 2016. 1 Year Validity is not included in the plan.
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    Yes, you are right. We've updated the post to reflect this.


    Didn't quite realised I was publicly quoted, but yes, Thanks for highlighting it here too.


I bet these idiots thought it is RM288 per month but actually it is only RM24.


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    that's good one!


All telco top-ups in Malaysia is not the same as bank debit cards or Touch n Go top-ups.Once you top up say bye bye to your money as it is burnt at instant as it is non refundable!
The bigger lump sum you commit, the more these companies laugh themselves off to the bank. Anyway to enable the entire 36GB for entire year all at one go is risky, your data might get leaked at anytime and all gets wasted. Why not disperse the 36GB gradually over a quarterly/monthly period to keep users safe? Like 3GB every 1 month while allowing full carry forward of unused quota?