HP’s Elite x3 Windows superphone lands in Malaysia with an equally super price tag

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Windows 10 Mobile‘s latest champion has arrived in Malaysia, meet the HP Elite x3. On paper alone, this smartphone blows the Lumia 950 XL out of the water, but that’s not the primary purpose of HP’s latest handset.

The Elite x3 is designed to be the one-device-fits-all for professionals who are on the go. HP is calling it a 3-in-1 device where you have the portability of a smartphone, the versatility of a laptop and the productivity of a full desktop computer via Continuum in Windows 10.


To do this, the Elite x3 needs to be packing a whole lot of power under the hood — and it does. At its core sits a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage (expandable via a microSD card slot). It’s also got a nice 5.96-inch Quad HD display that’s tucked under Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4.


Besides that, the Elite x3 comes with a set of front-facing stereo speakers with Audio by B&O Play. But that’s not all because the Elite x3 is also one rugged device with MIL-STD 810G rating plus water and dust resistance at a rating of IP67 (same as the iPhone 7).


Since it’s a workhorse, the Elite x3 also features an impressive 4,150 mAh battery that supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 and wireless charging. In the camera department, it gets a 16-megapixel primary camera and an 8MP selfie shooter.


Being targetted at business users, the Elite x3 also comes with a suite of security features including a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner for Windows Hello.


Remember how this smartphone is also a laptop and desktop? Well, that’s done via the Lap Dock and Desk Dock. The Desk Dock works a lot like Microsoft’s own dock and comes with a DisplayPort, two USB Type A ports, one USB Type-C port and an Ethernet port.


The Lap Dock, on the other hand, is sort of like a 12.5-inch Full HD laptop that uses the smartphone for processing power and storage. Nothing is stored on the Lap Dock for maximum security and it weighs less than 1kg for maximum portability.


Prices for the HP Elite x3 starts at RM3,399 for the smartphone itself, RM3,499 for the smartphone and a set of headphones. If you want a bundle with the Lap Dock (priced at RM2,649 by itself), it will set you back RM5,299 while a bundle with both the Desk Dock and Lap Dock is priced at RM5,799.

Right now, though, you can pre-order the Elite x3 with a Desk Dock for RM3,599. However, there is no information on when this smartphone will actually go on sale.

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30 Comments for HP’s Elite x3 Windows superphone lands in Malaysia with an equally super price tag

orang biasa

interesting model. The price not so cheap, but of course, with the promo price RM3600, still consider worth the price if separate buy phone + laptop.
As long as the user do the documents and emailing, might can get one… by the way, need ready have monitor and keyboard mouse |:?B


hey, make it 5" and put android on it. I will love it

Aniki Tan

empty lap dock RM2,649??? i rather buy a powerful i7 laptop at less than RM3k


OMFG…there are stupid companies in Malaysia willing to pay money for a dead OS??!!!??? Unbelievable!


    It's not dead. It just doesn't have all the games people play all the time. They have SDK which companies can hire developers to create customized program for work and deployment systems way more efficient than a typical app store.


      more dead than the "Walking Dead" bro….


      Errr…OK…some day when I'm truly depressed I gotta ask you what you're smoking 😉


        There are at least 3000 companies listed on the NASDAQ, 900 listed on KLSE. Each company requires specialized tools and technology to help in their company's efficiency or daily operations.

        Take a simple P.O.S available in nearly every major Store worldwide for example. They still uses legacy systems such as Windows Embedded 2007 or 2012. Portable hand held Inventory systems still uses Windows CE and even many delivery systems uses CE.

        Most, if not all are still programmed using .NET infrastructure which is still supported and updated today.

        For businesses where they need to deploy tools to the more average employees such as sales force, they will use Windows 10 systems, IOS or Android. The choice for IOS and Android is obviously simple. The program gets created and distributed by transferring the installer to the employee manually. Updates are done manually too.

        But for larger fleets of workforce, a dedicated distribution and deployment system such as Microsoft 's WDS or any other 3rd party deployment systems are still heavily in use.

        So, just because you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it's not in use or dead. The world isn't just about the public end users who uses their phones for calls, texts and internet consumption. There's still many more out there who uses the OS as a proper work tool.

        next time you see the municipal enforcer typing a ticket for your car, or the water, power meter guy keying in your house utility usage, or the guy who plugs in his diagnostic tool into your car during servicing, or when you're using an ATM machine, or when you're buying anything from your local y-11, remember that they using one of that "dead" OS you're talking about.

      kiss me

      what u smoking man?


    On consumer level, they are nyawa nyawa ikan

    But enterprises level, they are usually first before the lesser two

    So no surprise if windows 10 mobile still around


Windows 10 Mobile is far from dead. Works great and looks beautiful. Maybe you should try it some time before commenting.


    I have tried it. I hated it. Everyone bar you and one other commenter hates it. That's why it's dead. I'm thinking you're living in a different dimension to the rest of us.

    Heck, even Microsoft's lead on WM hates it to the extent that he used an iPhone to tweet.


    I have spent my own pocket money, got 2 units for the past 3 years to test out as a replacement for company's official commutation tool.

    From WinMo 7 to 7.5, bitten by earlier Samsung WinMo series, switching to Lumia, the experience had been bad. Samsung tried and forget this platform. No accessories and continuity from here.

    The thought of having the cool and unique Metro interface over the boring look alike iOS and Android was the pushing factor.

    However, after a couple of weeks, the tile motion gotten me sick. Too much and lengthy motion made me frustrated.

    Should I give it a try? HP is good in terms of enterprise notebooks and servers. As for such gadget, i need to be careful. Also bitten by its HP WebOS tablet, it's now still sitting in my drawing, occasional being charged to maintain its battery health.

    No thanks for the time being, HP and Windows phone.


RM2k++ for a lap dock a.k.a monitor with a keyboard…. HP went completely bonkers… These prices are ridiculous….


    Is aimed more for corporate, not yuppies who got pocket money from parents and try to do assignment with it.

    If people find it productive with this tool, companies more than able to afford it.
    Being Windows, the ability to work with sharepoint and Exchange server and PowerBI is not something any platform can claim.


"Windows 10 Mobile‘s latest champion has arrived in Malaysia, meet the HP Elite x3."
ur serious???
since when Windows got a champion?
they trying to resurrect the dead?


    win10 mobile's champion, not win10 is a champion , u noob.
    its like u r the champion for your mom, not the champion among other kids. again, noob.


      yea, champion amongst the "walking deads"…..
      who's the noob???

derek law

It won't be successful cos its not mass market and too niche

How many ppl need this type of mobility and will actually plug in their phone into a dock and work like a PC

Some I agree but probably less than 5% of smartphone users out there.

In early days, BB was successful as it appealed to broad audience of corporate users

DMW – Dead Man Walking


mana iphone hater? ini tak mahal ke hihihi

Kenny Fang

Buying the Elite X3 and the lapdock for Continuum makes no sense. You can buy a high end Android phone and a a good Windows laptop for less money and far better productivity. The only worthwhile app on Continuum is MS Office so you are paying top dollar for a one trick pony. In terms of space and portability a lapdock doesn't save you anything over a laptop.

Why make your phone do double duty when you can buy 2 separate devices for less? Good luck to you if you get a phone call while your phone is plugged into the lapdock.

Oh yes, Windows 10 Mobile is dead. No question about it.


Ok. Cool. I just wanna say few words. Before I begin I would like to say this. Yes, I am a big fan of windows platform. I am using it and I am living a greater and productive life with it. I use most of the Microsoft services as they are everywhere. Seriously. Check on android or iphone and they are there!. That is what I need. Reliability and accessibility. Now that will make anyone to be productive.

As a fan I love it all and I am not blinded by my love towards the platform. I do miss some of the apps that I can download easily in other platforms. Until now I cannot find a repeat timer app for my lumia. Yes it hurts but I can find alternatives. I am constantly giving feedback and I am getting responses from the developers too. The reason I am sticking with them is because of the future.

I love their vision of bringing windows everywhere. I am supporting their vision. Nobody is perfect. Including HP and Microsoft but we get perfect along the way.

If consumers can buy Iphone that costs the same as Elite X3, I believe productivity lovers will get it too. The name itself screaming that this is for Elite! So stay cool and witness the innovations. If you are selling premium products, you do not have to sell to all. Sell a few and you are profitable. It makes sense and cents.

    kiss me

    dude, they may have vision but it rarely materialises……
    as far as future is concerned, they're more dead than NOTE 7


      At least when the Note7 died a lot of people were talking about it. If this HP phone explodes, nobody will give a rat's ass hahaha…


most funny thing is that you all seems so frustrated with this phone although you all keep mentioning the platform is dead lol..


    They more irony is they don’t know they are market not just for consumer but for enterprises

    Peasant always like that, they think world revolves around them