Digi Postpaid now offers 20GB data for RM80/month

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Digi has revamped its postpaid offering again and this time, it offers twice the amount of data than before. Previously packing 10GB of data and unlimited calls for RM80/month, the new revamped Postpaid 80 now comes with 20GB of data for the same price.

Looks like they are doubling up what Celcom has to offer with its current FIRST Gold.


Similar to Celcom, Digi is still doing the weekend data split. The Postpaid 80 gives 10GB of data for all day usage and another 10GB of 4G data for the weekends. The good news is they are not splitting the weekend data per week so you are able to utilise the full quota even on a single weekend. Since it is 4G, any usage on 3G during the weekends will utilise your all-day bucket.

Calls are unlimited to all networks and Digi is also bundling 300 SMS to all networks. If you can’t finish your data, you can roll over up to 2GB to the following month.

For those who travel to Singapore regularly, Digi is also offering Border Roaming add-on where you get 5GB of data and 60 minutes of voice calls for just RM5/month. It is also hinted that Internet Sharing with unlimited phone calls for supplementary lines will be offered soon.


Apart from Digi Postpaid 80, they are also offering a more affordable plan with 10GB of data (5GB + 5GB 4G weekend) at RM50/month. For heavy duty users, Digi Postpaid 110 gives you 40GB of data (20GB + 20GB 4G Weekend) at RM110/month. Digi Postpaid 50 comes bundled with 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS, while Postpaid 110 comes with Unlimited Calls and 1,000 SMS.

These new plans are available starting today but unfortunately it isn’t available for phone bundles like the new iPhone 7. For more information, head over to Digi’s Postpaid page.

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57 Comments for Digi Postpaid now offers 20GB data for RM80/month

kok phin chian

15,jalan pinggiran usj 1/16 47610 subang jaya

kok phin chian

Send me home required


    What are you trying to tell?


at once i am happy with the package until i see the word ¨included¨


already subscribe…40 gb….hahaha

    John Norafizan

    hi, just want to check with you, do we get free unlimited music like the previous promotion? thank you – John


    any contract?


The roll over is from which bucket?
All-day or weekend?
And to which bucket?


    Only all day data can be rolled over.


      So when they label the "free" 10GB, it is like a privilege given to us but not a right?
      Is it the "free" things can't complain kinda deal or in fact is part of the deal?
      will they have the right to take away the "free" stuff, much like the Maxis Spotify?

      Lazy to switch over few months then say the free one is no more..
      Appreciate help us to clarify.


        According to the FAQ:
        The new Digi Postpaid plan comes with free lifetime 4G Weekend quota every month – you get extra 4G quota for your usages every Saturday and Sunday.


          so why the distinction between free and not free when in fact the consumer bought it?

          by labeling it free will they then say is a best effort provision?

        Fred W

        SPOTIFY 3GB.
        Only Maxis dares to behave like that and screw customers.
        Is it because of the aura, invincibility and prestige of the MaxisONE?


How about current old RM80 plan user? Can they upgrade to any 3 of the new plan?


    If you don't have a contract, you can switch over.


Re 9956906474


I received the R-MONTHLY 6GB extra data previously from Digi's promotion for RM80/m plan. Not sure if I will still continue to enjoy this if i subscribe to this newer plan?

Cheeky Monkey

curious thou, 10g max "per day" usage or "whole month total" 10g max? can be quite deceiving sometimes 😛

Ibrahim Rabani

for people who sets their operator on "auto" (most of us), the changes from 2G, 3G to 4G is mostly unnoticeable but this will be detected by the 4G bucket.
So this free 10GB really depend on where you will spend your weekend.


    ya…this is one of the condition i'm confuse…
    most of the time my phone can get only H,H+ or 3G…..would that mean i won't be able to enjoy the free 5GB weekend data?


    I just switched the plan to Rm80/m plan today and noticed my data usage was deduct at MI DG Postpaid 80 rather than monthly 4G weekend 10GB. Also I had checked my phone network mode is set as auto & 4G preferred. How to use up the 4G data? Sorry I was confused


Darn.. no more lower tier plans…


Another postpaid plan war coming, keep it up


If my p70 revert back to 7gb by end of this year, this will be my next plan


Where got the word "included"?


    U can checm the image attached
    10GB all days
    Weekend 5GB included

    I think most ppl will think of 15GB total if based on the larger font numbering


      ahhh. I'm confused. so, including the "free" weekend 4g data, it's total 20gb ?


        Just got the 10gb plan, beware guys.. if 10g then it's 5+5, 5 for weekdays, 5 for weekends. Suddenly feel I still need to save on data and go all out on weekends. If you're looking for a competitive plan better get the RM 80 one.

        Plus the RM5 for border roaming ONLY applies to RM80 plan. Deliberately pushing you to take RM80 because if you activate border roaming on RM50 plan it costs RM30, so total you pay RM80 not including GST. If you activate BR on RM80 plan it costs RM5, total RM85 not including GST. Kind of a no brainer right? *Any plan higher than that is free for border roaming activation.

        So I just subscribe to see if it fits my needs, otherwise I'll just go ahead with the RM80 plan.


          How is the coverage? Right now I’m on celcom basic 38 which is adequate for me but the speed is unreliable and inconsistent.


Any contract for this plan? Hopefully No.


looking good, good job digi. Now waiting for other telco to join the party so that we can compare :))


    ya, it was Umobile and now digi started something competitive. Applause to them.

    Celcom and Maxis have always rested on their aura and played defensive. Nothing innovative from them, ever.
    Espeacially Maxis, when they had to scramble to keep their customer by up their pathetic 2GB for RM128 to 10GB just to stay in the competition. Now they have to play catchup again. Some company just never learn.


      Celcom only true worth was the First Basic 38.

      DiGi do give more data but the speed is slower than Celcom.


        depend on area lo, at my house there i can download upto 3MB/s with 4G full signal


      A good move by Digi… eventhough I am a Maxis user, I hope other telcos can follow suit to be more competitive. At the end of the day, users will prevail.


how's Digi 4G coverage? is it only available in city?

    Fred W

    Surprisingly on par with C and M! the usual spots you lose the 4G, but so does the others.
    I'm ok with that..

    wayyy better than UM


time for Maxis to come up with a more aggressive plan otherwise if they not, then Maxis should be ready to get the beating from consumer yet again…


    Maxis can easily come up with an aggressive 100gb per month FOR LIFE… then take it away a few months later n hide behind their T&Cs.


      speaking like a true victim…
      I agree actually. For LIFE in maxis term is the life of a centipede (hidden in the fine print somewhere).
      They are not quite sincere in their offering.
      The only thing I like, is they haven't go to the path of weekend data vs weekday data kind a stupid segregation.
      So becareful when telco say "free" rather then part of the plan. take away your free things you can't complain.

        Fred W

        yeah! i was also wondering 😐

        but when asked, difference between new and old plan is
        -new plan gives more all day GB at 10GB
        – new plan introduces Free lifetime weekend quota

dark vader

Sadly this plan do not come with music unlimited. so if you are one of the user for the service, your extra GB may end up have to use for your music too.


What if im still on contract with digi smartplan 75 (7gb internet), and insist to change to this plan? how much is the penalty?


Great for those have 4g coverage at home but if not it will deduct you weekday quota. My prev plan 78v got free wechat n whatsa n music streaming but based on digi sales this current rm80/month exclude these (i need free music for my 1hr drive to work per trip). Free sms good but hardly use. I will remain the old package.

    Fred W

    Yes! best to remain with OLD… you cannot buy these type anymore.
    Maxis also have reduced their spotify to miserable 3GB


Hi… if i subscribe new postpaid 80… can i still add on 8gb for rm10?


    better dont change it, top up no 8GB RM10 anymore


i hv use Digi Postpaid 80, there's a nice 20GB of data which consist of 10GB all day + 10GB of weekend internet (only for 4G internet) and unlimited calls& free sms.

so far so good.

unused data from 10GB all day can carry forward to next month.


4G Weekend Internet quota is applicable for usages on 4G network only, every Saturday 12.00AM to Sunday 11.59PM.

Kee Mun

I Think only 2GB for Internet Rollover, not 10 GB (Digi Postpaid 80)


Another telco blacklist can apply or not?


Hello there! I just signup for DG80. So far so good. Juz want to ask, if im setting fon use for tethering portable hotspot. Is there any additional charge will imposed?


    Should be no. This is not webe.


I’m on rm110 postpaid digi plan now..at first was rm80 plan then I feel like it is not enough so I upgrade,so far so good,more than sufficient especially weekend,me n husband enjoyed watching youtube all day bcz it’s unlimited.but streaming movie


Streaming movie very poor..putus2..hohoho


I recently subscribe to Digi80 n been using it for 1 week now but just now i have been suspended from using internet because the data usage already reached to limit. When i checked the usage, its only 5gb.. now im confused?