Samsung wants all Galaxy Note7 users to stop using it immediately |

Samsung wants all Galaxy Note7 users to stop using it immediately

Posted:  October 11, 2016   By:    52 comments   


UPDATE: Samsung Malaysia is offering full refunds for the Galaxy Note7.

Samsung has yet again stopped all sales and now exchange programs for their ill-fated Galaxy Note7 flagship. The Galaxy Note7, announced in early August had faced problems of its device catching fire due to its battery cell.

This prompted a worldwide recall with one to one exchange programs but unfortunately, the problem is still occurring with their brand new replacement units.

Samsung had globally issued the following statement:

We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7. Because consumers’ safety remains our top priority, Samsung will ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7 while the investigation is taking place.

We remain committed to working diligently with appropriate regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation. Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available.

For Samsung Galaxy Note7 users in Malaysia, it is advisable to switch off your device and contact Samsung Malaysia at 1-800-88-7799. The Galaxy Note7 has yet to be launched officially here and it was released in limited quantities during its pre-order promotion.

Not everyone gets a second chance. To have another round of recall would be worrying and at this point, we don’t know if the Galaxy Note7 will ever hit the market. Whether they are discontinuing the Note7 or replacing it with a newer model, Samsung’s main priority would be really identifying the root cause and to come out with a solid solution. Hopefully, they would be more transparent and forthcoming with the investigation in order to win back customer trust.

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52 Comments for Samsung wants all Galaxy Note7 users to stop using it immediately


“… advisable to switch off your device and contact Samsung Malaysia at 1-800-88-7799”

hahaha… this statement is gold.. please switch off your phone and call samsung… hahaha..


    There's the land line option. Or use a payphone.

    There's more than one way to make a phone call.


      Samsung also should compensate owners who have updated their phones and after the update, the phone hangs and stalls. My Galaxy Note 3 after updating from Kit Kat to 5.1 now is so slow and hangs. I went to Samsung Centre and they say they cannot help nor downgrade. Despite reinstalling the OS, my phone is still super slow, hangs and stalls. For example, to even unlock my phone takes 10 seconds.

      Samsung has not only blundered their Note 7 but has no remedy for people who suffer in silence with their older phones.

      Can the CEO of Samsung Malaysia offer us a remedy?

    Haha boom

    You rather call first and explode in your face? I hahaha x1000 at you


      why would someone get injured and you need to laugh?
      He is just making a light statement because of how the sentence come together. Either you see the humour or your don't .


I called Samsung hotline, no solution given expect asking you to power down your note 7, and no timeline given. Samsung forgot that purchaser of note series mostly consist of professional and business person, and connectivity is extremely important for today’s world. This kind of advice is as if not giving solution at all, and Samsung is still hoping to retain customer with this kind of lousy service.
As loyal supporter for note series from note until note 7, there will be no more Samsung in the future, as I can’t accept this kind of advice: power down your device, and wait until our investigation done, and we will let you know!


    You made a good point. At least they should have an interim solution for people who need constant connection like a replacement or loaner phone.


    I believe the exchange program earlier allow you to change it to S7 or something.
    if you still have the chance ( or in the future), take that option and get out of this drama. It may not be the phone you like, but at least you get a closure.

    You spend your good money to enjoy a phone, not waste time going through this drama.


      The only option offered for previous exchange program is exchange to a new phone with exact same colour and same device, plus a lousy screen protector, no option to exchange to other device or full refund. I even purchased a samsung power case originally by Samsung cost me around RM400++ as i need constant fluid while travelling oversea without the using power bank.
      this is like money washing down the drain.


    I agree. Much hustles and wrestles if another recall / retracement to be made. I not sure how I'm gonna travel next week with this phone. I don't have any other phone as backup. Is turning off the phone is good enough considering the one that explode in SouthWest flight happened when he was trying to turn off his Note7.

    Sad to see the beautiful Note7 turned to beast…


    Bro! iPhone is waiting for you…


    Again and again. i am very tired on this. the time and cost who will pay it? the hotline service is damn lousy. look like make a fool for us. i wish they can come out 2 option. replace other model or full refund.


I don't believe in this kind of things, but perhaps it's bad luck to skip a number when naming your product?


bummer… hope they get it fixed soon.. been eyeing this phone for quite sometime


    I think it will be a PR mistake to continue selling it.
    To savage back the reputation, they should just withdraw it off the shelf and work on the next phone and start clean.


      They should get it fixed and relaunch it with upgraded specs.. SD821 with 6GB ram would be nice


        not in ur wildest dream!


          Chill… One can always dream ;P


    no such luck bro
    go get the S7


      Not interested


So far I am only aware of the explosion cases (mostly in China & US) involving Note 7 with Snapdrago 820 chips.

Any one knows about the cases that involve Exynos 8890 chips, particularly in South East Asia?

Feels frustrated when the phone works so well without any heating issues and yet being asked to turn off and get another phone, in addition to the difficulty doing exchange due to oversea commitments.
(PS: pre-exchange unit SM-N930FD without green battery icon and capped at 60% charge)


    Not only you… I have been using the 1st batch and the replacement (still using at the moment) without any issue. the temp is around 29-40 (seldom got 40) but it hovers around 33-36… Hopefully, they will fixed the issue since I am happy with it. Waiting the next action to do since I purchased it thru telco…


      same here…kinda' need the stylus for my daily routine…


      I managed to get direct access to someone in the Samsung VOC team. He is ok to give me loan phone and I require one with a memory card slot. Sad that the replacemt is A7 – no way my data can fit in there. Like the other users I have had the original and replacement and neither has over heated. Max temp 42.

      be safe.

      pls don't end up saying….
      " i should have…"
      too late is always too late…


        You have the point, but I want to believe that the units running Exynos 8890 are still just fine, at least till another solution comes out.


And my Note5 will be the best readily available Note for another year! 😀


"phone explodes while calling Samsung hotline"


For me, I rather wait to exchange for Note 8, not 7s.


    Slowly wait then


Power down and wait for announcement?…………….hahahaha……come on Samsung you should have a backup remedies plan in place before even sending this reminder.

Replace each and every Note 7 with a newer device but which new devices?……….S7 n S7 edge?……………….that is not what the consumers of Note 7 want.

Give them S8 perhaps…………………..but can you guarantee the episode of fire from repeating?………………….your reputation built so far now completely gone.

People will have second thoughts about your products.


Rather than bitching aimlessly, anyone complain to SIRIM and KPDNKK, to get the device blacklisted and to get the ministry to force Samseng to do a full refund? Oh wait, we're in Malaysia…where jack schitt happens 😀


    isheep butthurt?


      Au contraire…here I sit wishing the ipong would suffer a similar fate. Yours blown up your gonads yet?


To be fair, is there even a Note 7 explosion case in Malaysia yet? The Malaysian version seems just fine…


there are only 8k units in MY – which means basically nothing in the eyes of Samsung, so i guess just follow what the rest of the world lo…


The Note 7 is the best phone I’ve had given the specs, built, usability, etc. Such a shame to have these “series of unfortunate events”


Wait for telco to launch their trade in program lah for the new Iphone!
Hopefully your Samsung Note 7 is in the list of trade in.

To regain their market confidence, I think Samsung not just have to have an awesome next model, it better revert back to the user replaceable battery design just to cope with the skepticism.


My eyes are now on the Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe. Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, 256GB UFS II storage and latest Sony IMX318 sensor with 23MP resolution.


No matter how safe you think your N7 is, I strongly against anyone who's even bring one along in flight. It's no so risky to use it in daily routine, but just too irresponsible to bring one into the cabin even it's powered down. The consequences are just too scary.

Switch to a different phone or older phone for your air travel. Safer for everyone.


Well, news is out. Note 7 is no more.

Go return and get your refund.


    yup. samsung discontinued N7. what a shame.


Should keep the working note 7 in a water bag when it is unattended since it is water proof.


A bit bias report from SoyaCincau…Reuters and other news agency reported CONFIRMED that Samsung WILL NOT SELL THE NOTE 7 ANYMORE.

Tetapi you all tulis seolah-olah Samsung "still undecided what will happened to Note 7". They have stop selling it lah! Accept the fact. Kalau ada pun you boleh beli from stok2 yang sedia ada yang dealer simpan. Not from official one.

Kalau cerita/komen/kutuk pasal Iphone cepat je tulis report. Please show some credibility…By the way, mana dia fandroid2 Samsung yang kata Note 7 is the best smartphone in the world? Now it your words…hahahaha


    Soyacincau is so biases. Always report Samsung problem but never talk about iPhone exploding. Every tech site report a new iPhone 7 explode in the box but this site keep quite. I think Apple pay this site a lot to talk good about iPhone. Must be fair if you want to keep your readers.


    SoyaCincau is known to be a little bias but good thing is they don't have many extreme comments from Samsung or Apple fanboys, unlike Amanz. so the comment board a little cleaner. Maybe got something to do with delivery language?

orang biasa

I bet The Samsung R&D department will fired immediately after this incident.


    I don't think is the R&D if there is to do with the quality of the battery.
    and the whole recall fiasco was a big mess, so is a management issue.
    The CEO would get fired as they are losing big money.

    I wonder how would the refund work since practically all sets are signed through telco with a contract.
    Maybe telcos would offer a new iphone 7 as a swap?? haha…


I thought they deserve a second chance, clearly I was wrong. What happen to QC Samsung!. Too much hassle for this phone. I spent thousand of dollars for THIS!
I demand a full refund!

Might as well get the Pixel XL or the iPhone 7 Plus. There's no use carrying a time ticking bomb in your pocket. I'm done!


As one of the leading voices of the tech world locally,(I'm assuming) Your team is in a position to pressure Samsung Malaysia to provide more updates on the state of affairs for Malaysians customers, one of the main reasons people actually visit your website is to look at the state of affairs from a MALAYSIAN context and it would be really helpful if you guys could do more than just direct affected customers to a local Samsung hotline..

People remember those that helped them in times of need and if you play your cards right, Soyacincau can earn a lot of positive sentiment from this. I know you don't want to piss off the biggest phone (I'm assuming again) in Malaysia, but done right, you can come out of this in a better position as a trusted media outlet (perfect example would be paultan's effort to raise awareness about the airbag fiasco and pressure manufacturers for statements etc etc).. Hope this opinion is taken constructively by your team…


…and they tease Apple fanboyz for throwing their money at Apple, while Samsung Spopboyz are risking their lives to continue using the Note 7 and to defend Samsung to their death.



    Well, as the saying goes, stupid gets what stupid deserves loh…