Maxis wants you to get ready for iPhone 7 pre-order


UPDATE: Maxis will start offering iPhone 7 pre-orders on 7th October 2016.

The iPhone 7 is arriving in Malaysia on 14th October and Maxis wants you to know they are starting pre-orders very soon.

For those hoping to get one on a Maxis contract, they have posted a checklist for a smoother pre-order process. To place your pre-order, you would need a Maxis Online ID and ensure that you’ve cleared any outstanding overdue bills.

Only a principal account holder can apply and it must be clear from any existing device contract. If you’re planning to switch other telcos or Hotlink prepaid, you are urged to submit a request ahead of the pre-order day. For payment, you’ll also need a MaxisPay account which you can tie in your existing credit cards. If you’ve bought a phone last year with Zerolution, this is also a chance for you to swap your current device for an iPhone 7 hassle free.

There’s still no mention when pre-order will start but it should be happening in the next couple of days to come. Maxis will start pre-orders for the iPhone 7 beginning next Friday, 7th October. For the past few years, Maxis has been offering midnight deliveries for new iPhones nationwide. We expect Maxis to do the same this year and it’s getting more pointless for customers to queue up overnight for a brand new iPhone 7.

You can get more details over at the Maxis iPhone 7 page.

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