Apple’s iPhone 7 camera is as good as last year’s Galaxy S6 edge


This is it, the boffins at DxOMark have put the Apple iPhone 7 through its paces in their rigorous tests and have come up with an answer to how well it stacks up against the other smartphones in the world right now. The answer? Well, it got the third best score DxOMark has ever given out.

Apple’s latest device came in with an impressive score of 86, putting it on par with the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. However, it is still two points below the front of the pack which is led by the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and the Sony Xperia X Performance at 88 points. That said, it’s still a marked improvement over last year’s iPhone 6s Plus which scored 84 points. Check out the full list at the bottom of the post.


In their findings, DxOMark were very impressed with the iPhone 7’s overall target exposure and wide dynamic range. They also complimented the device’s stability, good white balance and ability to preserve image detail in outdoor conditions.


They also praised the smartphone’s video quality citing good stabilisation, fast and smooth autofocus in bright light as well as good detail and vivid colours.

On the flipside, DxOMark was not particularly impressed with the device’s low-light performance, citing a loss of fine details and luminance noise. Further, they also noted that the handset had some autofocus irregularities (regardless of conditions) stating that it was fast, but would miss sometimes.

Nevertheless, DxOMark says that this is the best camera out if Apple’s iPhone lineup, which is frankly unsurprising, but it’s still some ways behind the best from Android. That said, this is only the iPhone 7 and not the 7 Plus, which comes with two lenses, the second of which has a short telephoto 56mm equivalent lens.

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Feel free to head on over to DxOMark’s detailed analysis for more information.

What do you guys think of DxOMark’s findings?