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Things you can do with mobile data that never ends

This post is brought to you by webe – mobile plan that is simple and worry free!

We talk a great deal about freedom. It’s this idealistic concept of not being bound by any restrictions and limitations. It’s that feeling of being able to operate to your heart’s content, unfettered by external factors and inhibitions. It’s really one of those things you have to feel to really understand but how many of us have actually felt freedom?

What if we told you that you could? That you could set yourself free and enjoy the full benefits of accessing something like the internet, without any worry or concern, for as long as you want. What would you do? What could you do?

1. Talk to everyone


Well, you would be able to communicate the way you’re meant to — whenever, wherever and for however long you want to. With never-ending access to the internet, you can use messaging and communication apps like Google’s brand new Duo, Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype the way they’re meant to be used.

Annoy your family members, catch up with your old buddies and hang up when you’re done with the conversation, not when your internet service provider starts throttling your data connection speeds. Have a conversation because you want to, not because you can spare a few megabytes to do so.

2. Watch everything


Why limit yourself to a fixed selection of platforms? You should be able to watch anything and everything whenever you want from anywhere that tickles your fancy. Want hard-hitting dramas? Hit up iflix and Netflix to binge entire seasons of some of the most brilliant TV series in the world right now.

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Want raw user-generated content? Check out the brilliant content creators on YouTube, a platform that has matured from a simple dating site to one of the most comprehensive archives for brilliant user-generated content. Replay that funny cat video, keep that 30-hour loop of the Star Wars cantina song running in the background, or watch people laugh at other people laughing at other people. Watch everything, watch anything and watch for as long as you want. The freedom is yours.

3. Share too much of your life with everyone


With limitless connectivity to the internet, you can broadcast as much of your life as you want on social media. Facebook Live the unboxing of that new package you received in the mail. Broadcast your family reunions for those who couldn’t make it. Share memorable moments via Snapchat or Instagram’s Stories with everyone, whether they like it or not. Share this selfie. Or that selfie. Or your dog’s selfie. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Take every Buzzfeed quiz you come across


With this freedom, you can also learn more about yourself, and what better way is there than to take every single Buzzfeed quiz there is. Find out what your taste in cheese says about your ability to maintain a steady relationship. Find out if you’re a Betch. Learn the difference between coriander, parsley and cilantro. Take a phone quiz to determine what kind of person you are.

Go forth and discover, one quiz at a time.

P.S. We made one of those quizzes up, can you guess which one?

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5. Listen to everything


Spotify, Deezer, Joox, it doesn’t matter. Freedom also means the freedom to choose your favourite platform to stream music from. Discover new songs, download old ones and create playlists to be shared with your friends.

With limitless internet connectivity, you can also save that precious storage on your 16GB iPhone by simply streaming your music. You can even crank things up to eleven and stream extreme quality music for the best listening experience. Why not, it’s not like you have a quota to worry about right?

6. Buy everything


Going to a physical store is so last century. Everything you could possibly need is now online so shop from the comfort of your home. And since you’re free from any restrictions on internet speed and quota, you can also load every single high-resolution image on the product page so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

7. Be inspired


If you’ve ever been stuck on a project or an idea, a great way to draw inspiration is to hit the internet’s vast collection of creative content. Check out Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram or even Imgur for cool and funny images and entries. And if you’re feeling a little artsy, there are always sites like DeviantArt and ArtStation for some of the most breathtaking drawings on the world wide web.

Surely this freedom isn’t that hard to obtain, right?


In a modern and connected world, you would think that having the freedom to access the internet isn’t a hard to achieve, but those who try will know how difficult it actually is. In the real world, you’re never truly free because you’re always bound to something.

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Nobody really gives you absolute freedom to enjoy the internet the way it’s meant to. Well, until now, that is. Now, there’s a digital player in Malaysia that understands this need to be free. A company that cares about bringing the digital lifestyle to you and they’re doing it through what they call data liberation.

That company is called webe and they’ve got a postpaid plan that’s designed not to give you the freedom you want, but the freedom you need.

The details? Well, from just RM79 a month, you’ll get never-ending data, calls and SMSes, all without being tied to any contract. Note that the RM79/month offer is inclusive of rebates if you’re an existing TM or webe (P1) customer and using a webe recommended smartphone. Beyond that? Well, that’s up to you because with webe, you start here, but you can go anywhere.

You can sign up here and don’t forget to check out the webe Facebook page.