We look back at the smartphone that changed the world — Apple’s original iPhone

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There aren’t many technological revolutions quite like Apple‘s original iPhone. It was so radical and revolutionary that it ushered on an entire generation of new devices that we now probably couldn’t live without.

That was almost a decade ago and Apple’s idea of the iPhone has changed over 10 different iterations. So, with the launch of the brand new iPhone 7, we thought we’d take a quick look back at one of the most storied smartphones in the world.

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9 Comments for We look back at the smartphone that changed the world — Apple’s original iPhone


At that time I’m excited on my brand new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone.

derek law

This is a very long article on Apple but its a very good read.


Actually, I also miss the good old days when there were alot more interesting design in handphone.
You could get it flipped, swivel, candy bar, dual screen…etc.

Now because of touched screen, all the handphone is predictably similar at the front. zzzzzz

I also don't quite agree that Apple should take most credit for the revolution.
It started through the PDA wave, by Palm, HP, O2 etc.


    Yeah, designs have become dull now. Maybe there will be foldable displays (as shown by Samsung) to spruce things up in the future. Or some other innovation.

    I have to agree on giving Apple credit for the revolution though. Yes, there were others before it as you mentioned but none made such a significant impact to the market. The user interface was clunky back then and needed a stylus to operate. Apple redefined the modern smartphone UI. They made it mainstream. And killed Nokia and Blackberry along the way.

    I used to sell O2’s last time (when HTC was still an OEM company). They were nicely made but running windows wasn’t great. I also had much love for Palm’s phones. Their design and software simplicity was a joy to use. Probably ahead of the time, back then.

    It’s a pity that iOS has become rather stagnant after the passing of Steve Jobs. Tim, being the businessman that he is, focuses more on revenue than innovation (see the new iMessage store, for example).

    I sure hope that next year’s release will be as exciting as Steve’s first unveiling in 2007.


      please look up the word 'revolution' in the dictionary.
      apple did no such thing.
      dont fall for the brilliant marketing!


        however, if apple was revolutionary, then so is every other tech company that created a different interface or skins for a smartphone. duhh….


Loved this video, good job SC…!


Apple iphone was good


Nice to give credit where it's due. Great piece, SoyaCincau.