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Samsung is pushing a Note7 quick fix with a software update


Samsung’s crisis with the Galaxy Note7 is far from over as they are trying to recall around 2.5 million units worldwide. They had issued several reminders but there are users that are unaware or simply disregard the recall notices. Furthermore, most exchange programs don’t happen immediately in all markets.

For those who are still using the Galaxy Note7, the Korean smartphone maker will be rolling out a software update as a temporary fix to avoid further incidents.

According to the Associated Press, Samsung will be pushing a software update over the air (OTA) which will limit the Galaxy Note7 charging to 60%. With this temporary fix, they hope it would prevent overheating which leads to possible fire or explosions. This will be rolled out to South Korean users beginning 20th September.

There’s no word if it will be released to global units and whether users have the option to accept or reject the update once it is pushed onto their phones. Obviously cutting down the battery’s charging levels is a downgrade for the interest of safety and it could drive users to make their exchange as soon as possible.

Apparently, there are a total of 70 cases of Note7s catching fire in the US which is double of what was reported earlier. Samsung would definitely want to avoid another disaster and there were rumours that Samsung might deactivate all affected Note7 units remotely but this was later refuted.

In the meantime, Samsung is still telling users to stop using their Galaxy Note7 immediately. The message also applies for Malaysian units and affected customers are urged to call their hotline for further arrangements.

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Alexander Wong